Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Well Im in NYC and the weather is getting great, so Im spending alot more time outdoors than before. I usually dont go out much, I like just laying around in bed and watching Tv and DVDS so this time around Im enjoying walking around and just having fun.
I know in this blog I said I would have tour Dates and Im still working out details for the Trip. So far the Cities that I will be touring to is Washington(Have to give them another shot)Boston, Pittsburgh, Texas, Florida, Cali. In what order Im still trying to figure out but so far confirmed that I will be Pittsburgh Jun 19 and from there the dates might change but Im really trying people. Patrick has been going crazy and emailing Club promoters about appearances. Of course I will be doing my Parttime Job as well. I have been off the market as of lately for some much need down time.
I already put pics up of the Photo shoot with Sagat but Sagat sent me more pics that he worked on and I think they are hot so once again I put up those Pics.

Big shot out to PhilSTJohn, I was blessed to meet the Director. Mister I was the first one to shoot DP's(Double Penetration). He ran off some great ideas to me and def would love to work with him in the future. Heres some text from the Interview:

I jockeyed for camera positions as scores of hotties strutted their stuff for all the desert horn dawgs who came out to support the benefit. Titan’s six foot, six inch Diesel, a black sex god, made a giant splash, muscles rippling and towering above the rest of us mere mortals. I asked Diesel, how he felt being the only black man being worshiped by so many white men. He thought it was all very cool and told me that he was grateful to Titan and to all his fans and that he felt really fortunate to have been so well received as a mainstream sex star. And Diesel is a a big star in every way and I mean BIG. He has one of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen. Diesel told me comes from Staten Island but recently moved to Manhattan, in the NYC. As we sat and talked about breaking the color barrier, I found him to be genuinely sweet, bright, well spoken and totally boner-ific.

Thanks for the kind words my friend, Hmm what else? Damien Crosse is in town and it will be great to hangout with him. We had a blast in Chi Town and Im planning on filming another Youtube with Damien(since so many people got a kick out of the last one) So stay tuned let me know what u guys think for more ideas??

What else I think that is it stay tuned.


ghani3an said...

hi diesel
ur so sexy and hot.. i like ur pic with sagat hope too see
more pictures of ur real acting
i just wanna c how good ur

Anonymous said...

I saw all those pics of you and Francois on his blog. I was more than impressed. You two should do a whole video together since you are both sexually adventurous. If not a whole video at least another scene of just you two. Fear was great but I just wanted to see you and Francois.

mascdudewriter said...

Great pics, have to say I'm jealous of Sagat..