Saturday, June 28, 2008


Okay I will be at both events one supporting Damien and the other is DVD Release Party for Folsom Prison(I got a hot scene in that one)so come check it out and have some fun(sounds corny but im writing this fast) Peace out Bitches!!!

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bottomfeeder said...

I didn't like seeing you smash fuck my dream-daddy Markus in the manner in which you did in Folsom Prison at all. You can't do Daddy like that!! I was like, "Damn Ram baby, you came out of retirement to bottom for this brutal muthafucka?" I was sooo fucking shocked. Plus I just didn't think you deserved him. But I guess you must be about something for him to have agreed to do it in the first place and for him since to have gone on to speak so highly about you. And I guess at the end of the day it was just nice to see you actually doing a scence with another brotha. That said, aside from a few extremes that are just too much for my owm personal taste, I will have to concede that Folsom Prison is a hot piece of work and of course, so was your work in the video.