Saturday, June 28, 2008


In such a rush to change things I didn't blog about the change in design and the overall new look of the blog........ It was about time!!! I have always wanted to change the format but never got around to it... But I think I will make a few more changes here and there but for the most part it will look the same maybe with some added bonuses. Now where to begin..? Big Shout to Jerome at Chapter photography he sent some more pics from IML(a while back) and I decided to post some of the photos now!!!

Above are photos of Diesel, Rick Van Sant(also on Cover of Telescope)and Brian Mills(world famous and mentor). Yeah Yeah I know fucking Flowers!!!! So What..It was taken at House Of Blues in one of their bathrooms and it was done quick and I like How they came out. And this should end all the Rumors that I'm mad cause Rick Van Sant made the cover, I never had anything against the Man at all, shit I fucked him and Footed him(and Our sex scene was hot I really really enjoyed working with Rick, with a Bubble Butt like he has, Why would I complain??

So there U have it Bitches more in another Post.

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Anonymous said...

fuckin' hot scene man , u're the best... so real. greetings from italy