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I Tweeted about the difference between Best Friends, Good Friends, Friends/Associates....

Best Friends are those people, that you can Trust with anything!!!They only look out for your best intentions, always have your back just there to support you through anything. You have broken bread at their house, met their family and you are considered "Family"

Good Friends have the same qualities as above, but you can only trust them with so much. You have good friends(not as close as Best friends)and you can put alot of trust into them. They have your back and you got their back. But you don't tell them everything.....LOL

Friends/Associates, these are people that you are friendly with. They are not necessarily "Friends" but you have hung out with them and have gotten to know them alot better than most. The line between Friend/Associate is very thin.....

I have major trust issues(comes with the Bi polar)so who I let into that circle of friends is important to Me/

Now this is only my opinion....

When it comes to my world(Porn wise), the lines tend to get blurred between each of them. I get alot of people that want to be my friend because I do porn. I get alot of people that are curious to hangout with Me because of the porn. I get alot of people that say they want to be friends but its a cover up just to have sex with Me because they have seen my porn. So the process of making friends becomes difficult for Me.

I have friends that I have known for years, they have since went on to become wealthy or famous. Being as close as we are nothing has changed between us, but because I do porn, our friendship has to remain private and behind closed doors. No!! its not because I will get on my blog and start using their celebrity for publicly. I have alot of famous friends(if people don't know, now you do)so if I was that asshole, your jaw would hit the floor on how many well known friends pictures would be plastered on this blog. And that is not to say "Look at Me I have so many famous friends, I'm so cool" Its saying I know how to keep things quiet. But it's not all fun and games, let Me explain:

When my "Well Known" friends want to hangout its like a 007 mission. There is a car service that comes to pick Me up. I'm taken through back doors at hotels or escorted into gated communities. Everything is hush hush!!! I have even signed Confidentiality Clauses(Under the disguise of Consultant)or when I go over a friends home they have cameras(security) or I have been asked to sign Waivers(I think its funny). I can understand the need to protect yourself from Gold Diggers and people looking to be shady. I totally understand, but at the same time I feel like such an outsider. I agree to it... because We are friends and that is what friends do. Right? Its not like I'm being singled out, this is done to everbody in the crew(The things you people don't know about Me)But sometimes I am "Singled out" because of my Porn Star status.

I have been told "Your my close friend but I can't be seen with you, the Tabloids would have a Field Day with Me" or "If the press knew that I were friends with a Porn Star, I would lose my Career" it's Paranoid thinking sure....

But Str8 guys have this whole Gulit by Association menalty, they think they are presumed to be Gay because they are hanging out with a Gay guy. So I guess to be seen with a Gay Porn Star, must be over the top in their minds. No I'm kidding, they are cool as shit, totally comfortable with their sexuality. But the press would have a Field day when you think about it. I'm a Porn Star/Escort, so that is alittle much to have your friend overlook because this is something "I want to do" and I have passion the for it. They have the passion for their line of work so I don't want to cause waves so I'm cool with it. Who cares what people think??? Unless it fucks with your money, when that happens you have to work around it.

These are problems that I'm having with "Friends"(again not those I have sex with)

"Fuck Buddies" is another case, I have "Fuck Buddies" that I am friends with. I only have a few "Fuck Buddies" that are well known people. They all know I write a public blog and all they have to do is say "Please don't put Me on your Blog" and I don't put them on it. If I'm taking pictures of them(and they are posing for camera), all they have to say is "Please don't put that on your blog" and I don't. I even say I want to write about this experience on my blog, again all they have to say is "Please don't put that on Ur blog" and I don't.

Now if I'm interviewing someone or taking their pictures and posing them for the shot and I say "I'm going to write a blog about you, and put Ur picture on my blog" and their response is "Go ahead I don't care Press is press" then they go on my blog. It's very simple!!! Do you see any pictures of people covering their face with their hands trying to block the camera?? Do you see pictures of people trying to hide from the camera???? Or surprised pictures of people that didn't know the camera was there??? So the rumors that I'm using people for their name... Utter Bullshit!!!

Now lets talk about this Kiss and Tell rule.....

When it comes to escorting, you don't Kiss and Tell that is the unwritten rule of the game. You don't give away your tricks or clients that is just apart of business. I never broke that rule ever!!! Now I can understand clients not wanting to ruin their careers over hookers!! So all that backdoor to hotels and playing the 007 shit makes sense to Me. When friends treat you the same way because you do porn, makes you feel guilty about your line of work. But they are my friends so to keep their friendship I keep things quiet.

When it comes to Associates or random people, that Kiss and Tell rule is out the fucking window. How many people do you think that Associate or random person told they had sex with a porn star??? Almost bragging at the fact that they had a certain Porn Star. There are porn star groupies that do nothing but come to events hoping to snag their favorite porn star. They even come to these events with a game plan(Scary)

I'm getting off track now, but the point is:

I have a total of two best friends in the world, I have several good friends and the rest I consider Associates(that I'm friends with)then come the Random people.

In the porn world, I have alot of good friends. Basically if you know my real name and I know your real name then We are good friends. None of this model name to model name shit!!If you want to be that "Private" person and just live by your Performer name, fine by Me. Dont expect Me to be real with you unless you be real with Me.

It's like your in a club and someone introduces himself as "Money G". Can you see yourself being a friend to someone that calls himself "Money G"??? But if that same person says "Whats up I'm Money G, but my real name is John". You look at the situation different, Okay in the club they call you "Money G" But outside the club your name is John its like they are trusting you with privileged info. Does Lois Lane call Clark Kent, Superman at home?? Maybe in the bedroom, "Awww !!Superman use your super tongue and clean out my ass superclean" probably not.... But she does refer to him as Superman outside of the household.... Confusing??

Do you call that person John in the club???Nope he's Money G. Would you call him Money G outside of the club??? Depends...I prefer to use real names outside the realm of porn, when people are being real and not "ON". There is nothing more refreshing than a performer that prefers to use his real name when the cameras/fans are not around.

I can't see how performers can stand hearing their Performer name over and over!! It's not your real name(to the models out there)there is a place and time for everything!! No my mother doesn't call Me Diesel!!! My best friends don't call Me Diesel(unless they are teasing Me)and my good friends don't call Me Diesel(unless they tease as well)Even associates outside the realm of porn don't call me Diesel. Diesel is a character that I play in Porn movies.

So again Best Friends are ones that you can trust with anything. Good friends are people you can trust with somethings. And then Friends/Associates people who you know better than random people, but not as close as good friends or best friends.

To end this right...

Your not suppose to trust anybody but yourself in the first place anyway.....

But again making friends is not easy, at least for Me that is.

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Of course you have friend trouble.