Tuesday, April 06, 2010


So its Day 2

It's time to film with "It's Gonna Hurt" with Castro and Hot Newcummer Jon Estevez(props to him)"It's Gonna Hurt" I saw all the Ads for it all over the Internet. I love the pics, and it's a simple Equation Big Dicks meet Tight Asses!!

Now that is a site I want to get behind, and it features Castro!! We all know the falling out with Tiger Tyson..

So through cafeful planning(Fabscout)the deal was made!!! Thanks to Fabscout, www.Fabscout.com. Best agent in the Business

So to set the tone of the day here is this Vid:

Now filming threesomes is a hard job, now add two very different styles of fucking by two very different Tops!! The bottom had the hardest job of servicing two dicks and taking two huge dicks up his Ass. My Boy Jon Estevez had a hard hard job!! Props to this little guy that came to the set with something to prove!! I really like this kid, We spent alot of time together. Another Newcummer to look out for his name is Jon Estevez.

It was a long shooot, We worked out the rough edges and got the scene done though. Its kinda of a cool story and set up(I will let you see the Scene for yourself) I will say that it was cool to go Head to Head with Castro, I Def brought another A game performance with Me. I fuck like nobody else, the look on Castro when I was hammering Jon was so hot!! I look for the compettion instead of running away from it. I have worked with other Big Dick Tops before, Dillon Buck, Barrett Long, etc etc. Its a showcase of skills, Long strokes, Hard pounding and controlling your bottom. I love the competition!! Director Joey was running the ship and brought out the best in Me.

After the scene its time to head back to Fabscout Headquarters!!! I wanted the fans to see the face of the little boy that got rammed by Castro and Diesel Washington. Still has that sweet innocent face:

We grab a bite to eat and then its off to film another scene, this time for GayCreeps. www.GayCreeps.com Don't worry we had dinner and a break to recharge.

It's a new Website that I really really like. It's def for the POV person!! Ever remember hanging out with your hot Str8 friend and you guys have alittle too much to drink and he passes out. He's laying on your bed passed out cold!! What do you do?? The GayCreeps have the answer, you molest them when they sleep!!

Ever have a sleep over with a Hot friend, and you watch them sleep??? Don't you ever want to touch here and there?? Well the GayCreeps have the answer, you molest them when they are sleeping.

Creepy Creepy stuff!!! I'm a freak(hate that saying)so I totally got into character. Hot breath, touching and feeling all the above!!! Having the chance to work with Jon was a good thing. I think I like this kid alot!! Moving on....

I worked over Jon yet again, and this time I took my time and made it hot and steamy with a Molesting feel to it. I like playing with new characters, and I got into character of a creep. Hahaha Here is some behind the scenes of GayCreeps:

Follow them on Twitter www.twitter.com/gaycreeps and the site is www.GayCreeps.com

I like trying new projects, and I was into the character and the style of the site. It's a new site and it's use of Gonzo footage is going to be a refreshing change of pace. I had a good time with the guys and they get every detail when they film or shoot Stills its very creepy like. It has a natural feel to it, and I wish great success to the site.

I was exhausted this day!!! I know Jon was worn out and sore for days. But We feel asleep together and I had to get rest for another shoot the next day. Yes another one!!!


Dre said...

Thanks for the Castro footage. As usual, he is low key. LOL. Can't wait to see the video.

thegayte-keeper said...

Can't wait to lay my eyes on this!!

Laszlo1964 said...

Love to see you there Diesel....