Monday, April 05, 2010


Okay People...

I know you have been waiting for the Vids and the stories(I know your waiting LOL) So let's jump right into it:

Okay first off the bat, Introducing a New Model to the Industry "Jake Austin"(New Fabscout Model) I was the first one to interview this model remember that!!!! Here he goes(you will see more of him later!!winkwink):

Okay and lets talk about Steven Daigle:

He is a funny guy, working hard and making that money!!Moving On!!!

Cody little fucker that you just want to pound and pound(fucking wise). I was at BoardWalk celebrating their 25th(I was very happy that night)And look Who drops by??? Cody Kyler, after some grabbing on his Ass time after time, I was like "I need to get and Interview, before I get too drunk" and We ran outside to do this quick interview. Here goes:

Now this was an interesting story, I was at Johnnys and I see the performer named Jake Lyons(I'm a blogger and read everything online)it seems that this model is getting a hard time. Let Me use the words from Fleshbot/Gay about the story:

Well, he will if a new lawsuit from Corbin Fisher is successful. The twinky porn site has sued Jake Lyons $1 million for using their pictures in his escort profile. Where is he going to come up with that much? Liberty Media, the company that runs Corbin Fisher, sued in Florida after Lyons used seven photos of himself in his profile on the site. The pictures were of Lyons performing as "Greg" (his name on the site) and had the distinctive yellow cursive scrawl of Corbin Fisher on them.

Recently Corbin Fisher has been aggressively protecting their copyrights, and in the piracy-plagued porn industry we don't blame them, but isn't this going a step too far? After all, where do they think this escort is going to come up with that kind of money? Well, he can still operate his profile with new pictures. We suggest these from his upcoming movie "Pizza Boy Gangbang." Maybe if he delivers some pizzas on the side, he can come up with that cool million! By Brian O'Brien

It's an old story, but I never heard anything from the actual model. So of course Diesel Washington had to hear the "Real Story" from the model himself, Here he goes but first his crazy fuck face:

Okay I know I know everybody is asking about the scene with Scott Alexander and Castro, it's coming.....

I have to give you people some tease footage first, it's not easy sitting here going through footage and putting it together and stuff. I like to help out and get more exposure for models. So this is the first batch for ya!!!

The footage is good and I have more and more coming!!!

More Later!!!

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