Friday, April 23, 2010


Okay its time for story telling.....

Everybody knows how the Live show went....

Now its off to filming the scene, at first I thought I was casted for a movie called Muscle Ink. Muscle Ink was scrapped for a Bathhouse movie that Raging Stallions is filming.

I was to be partnered up with Kennedy Carter(Hot Red head from England)but as everybody knows there were Flight problems for anybody coming into United States from Europe so so Kennedy was replaced by Angelo Marconi(Raging Stallion Exclusive)

So there you have it Folks!!!!!

FINALLY!!!!! The curse has been broken!!

I thought ever since going free agent that I would never be partnered with an Exclusive model ever again. I mean REALLY??? I have worked with Raging Stallions(no exclusive) Falcon(No exclusives) Mustang(no exclusives) JetSet(a Former exclusive but not current exclusive)Channel 1 (No exclusive) I'm glad this time making my rounds that I was able to work with an Exclusive model.

Filming Diesel Washington and Angelo Marconi was Tony DiMarco and Steven Cruz, I have worked with both before so it was very easy. On set were Bruno Bond, and DJ Porn Star(who I filmed Rear Deliveries with)So many Porn Stars around Yummy!!

So here is some Behind the Scene footage of the shoot:

My Scene Partner Angelo Marconi(such a fucking Hottie) with Scott Tanner(blonde boy):

After I got the scene done, I hung out with Angelo and We went to Golds gym and got a workout. Angelo ditched me for a Dumbbell(Inside joke)and I stayed at the hotel for the Rest of the Night.

I wanted to go out and hangout but it seems that the people I knew in town just wanted to watch TV(Shit I could do that home, I will remember that when they come to NYC)I just can't force myself to watch Dancing with the Stars, or Ru Paul Drag Race or even worse!!! Some show called Glee.... I'm just not that Gay enough to watch those shows!!!

So I stayed in Monday night, I had to be up early on Tuesday and have Stills taken. So I arrived back at SteamWorks for my Photo shoot, I was asked also to do a Solo. A solo????

In the four years of doing porn, I never filmed a solo for a Studio. Frankly I was scared to death to do one, I usually need someone to play off of. I threw caution to the wind and dived into doing my first Solo. It's always good working with friends Steven Cruz was the one that was filming my Solo and I have worked with Steven in the past(RedLight for Mustang)so I was comfortable with the situation. I explained to Steven that I have never done a Solo before, and He gave Me the best advice to help push Me through it. When I found my Head space it was kinda of easy to do and I got it done.

So early Tuesday it was a Photo shoot and my first ever Solo!!

Headed back to Hotel washed up and changed clothes and headed into Castro with Angelo Marconi for Lunch. I called up Wolf Hudson(who was also in town)and We all made plans to have Lunch in Castro. See the footage here:

After lunch We Walked around and did alittle shopping on Market St at the big mall. I bought several items that I will be wearing to Grabbys(I saw alot of nice things there)So yeah I'm getting ready for that!!!

Now in the middle of that I got a chance to spend April 20th in San Fran which was Huge for Me!!! So of course I had to take some pics and do that Dazed and Confused thing that I seem to do alot(Don't Hate)

So it was Dinner time, I invited Angelo Marconi to dinner with Me at this Thai Place

Food was good and so was dinner convo, after that I headed back to Hotel because I wanted to get alittle more Dazed and Confused for Cypress Hill YEAH!!!

Somehow I made it back to the hotel where I passed out cold!!!

More to post later.....


Breeding Jock said...

Damn! Can't wait to see your cock go in his HOT ASS! Damn!

Anonymous said...

You said the curse had been broken about filming a scen with a studio exclusive. What's the big deal about studio exclusives. As a big porn fan, most of my favorite guys are NOT exclusives. To be honest, I pay no attention to who is an exclusive and who is not.

When I hear you say things like this, I unfortunately think that you let outside forces dictate your value rather than having confidence in yourself. It's not like the studios are making the best business decisions these days.

My observation is that you put a lot of weight on "exclusives" and the avergae fan could not care less.

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be an opportunity for us to see you to top Marc Williams ?

Anonymous said...

Hi T...steady on the camera Please!!..almost got motion sickness..Rgds..Laurie