Thursday, April 15, 2010


Since the How to series is popular with the Fans....

How to build that Chemistry on Set when it isn't there:

I read the comment section on other blogs, and it seems the biggest thing that Fans hate the most is............

Models that work together and have no onscreen chemistry at all!

What Fans don't understand is that some of the models have never met each other before the shoot. Often models are flown in from different parts of the country, and meet their scene partners on the day of the shoot. Your given the name/pics of the model, but that is pretty much it. If your an exclusive model, your asked by your company "Are you willing to work with this model??" because they want to get the best scene possible.

As a free agent, depending on how popular you are, sometimes you are given the choice as well. But for the most part, models that look good together are paired together based on pictures rather than a models personal taste. Which I think is fair, porn is a fantasy and often Studios/Sites cater to their customers(or at least they should). Again if the customers want to see more diverse models, email your favorite Studios/Sites and demand it!!! You are the customer and have all the power!!

I personally I like diverse scenes, Bears with Twinks, Thugs with Falcon looking types bah bah. I think seeing two totally different looking models(size, race, age, body type bah bah)is the spice that porn needs. Most think muscle guys need to be paired with other muscle guys, the same for twinks and jocks. How many times have you seen models paired with each other that sort of look like each other?? After awhile that shit gets boring!!!

Casting is very important when putting scenes together. But in reality it's a hit or miss!! You can't make models fall for each other to give you that hot scene. It's the responsibility of the models to create that chemistry themselves.

Whoa, that was long..

Here is a list of things that models can do to "Create" that chemistry onscreen. These are some of the methods that I use:

1. Google your scene partner(s) name and look up their past work(if they have any). Having knowledge of the work of your scene partner is like a sign of respect. It shows that you went out of way to get to know Ur partner alittle more. I would found it flattering that a model would go to such lengths. It makes Me more interested in them

2. Take Ur scene partner to the side, and ask them "What are your limits and turnons?" Example: When I worked with Jon Estevez(Its gonna Hurt partner) His turnons were cuddling and heavy kissing. Even though there is none of it in the scene, between takes and before the action even started I was making out with Jon and making that connection. That connection allowed Me to go harder on Jon because We made a connection beforehand.

3. Having eye contact with your partner(s)during filming. This is so easy, I'm not sure why I see some models with their eyes closed during scenes. Even worse you catch some models looking into space or the ceiling instead of looking into their partner(s)eyes. It's kinda of easy to do, just look into Ur partner(s) eyes and smile at them. Duh!!!

4. Before topping my scene partner, I ask what sex position is comfortable for them to start with. Even though it looks like I have total control of my bottom, I always ask a start position that they like, allowing them to have control at first. Then during the course of filming I expand on the positions, and take the control back.

5. I try to find common ground with the models I work with. Everybody has a Facebook, or Twitter or myspace nowadays. I do my research on models and to have that added edge, I find out the Music/Movies/books/Tv shows that the model likes. It gives you an Icebreaker allowing you guys to talk, helping to build to chemistry

6. Wheter people believe it or not, I'm always laughing on set. I can't work on sets that are overly serious and nobody is having fun. I use laughter on sets, which in turn comforts my scene partner(s). Nobody wants to work with someone who is so serious on set. We are there to perform, and when I perform I try to have as much fun as possible while getting work done!! So that means don't bring your personal drama to set! I learned this the hard way, and ever since I left that baggage off set!

7. I like to talk to my bottoms during sex(Dirty Talk)the bottom can respond verbally, through their eyes and of course through body language. This back and forth, gives you knowledge firsthand on what the bottom likes/whats hurting them bah bah. Provides for a better connection and that will show onscreen.

8. Sometimes I'm not physically attracted to my scene partner, so I push to find things that attract Me. I'm far from shallow, so having a good personality and having good energy on set makes up for alot. I can focus on bedroom eyes, a sexy voice or just the body. It's very simple!!

9. Giving a good massage(sounds like a porn)I have worked with some models that I gave massages to before the scene. Which helps to relax nervous models, but its giving you the opportunity also to make a connection at same time.

10. If you have the chance to meet your partner the day before, go out have some drinks/fun and try to make that connection. It's off the set, and doesn't have that pressured feeling to it that is always a good thing.

There are more ways to build the chemistry, but I'm giving away too much for Free!!! I know alot of models are following my lead, and that is not trying to be cocky. It's the truth!!!

I was doing a blog before it became popular to do, I was making Youtubes before it became popular to do. I was sharing private moments of my life on this blog, long before most models even started their blogs. I was doing BTS footage way before Studios/sites were giving away the footage for free!! I was doing How To Vids before other porn stars started doing them. I was self promoting myself as a model before it became popular(Big Shout out to Wolf Hudson as well).

But I won't get any props for that...........

Oh yeah!! I did I win the first ever Best PornStar blogger award given out by Grabbys!! So I was recognized!!!

Sometimes I feel like the Grandfather of bloggers(porn wise)I have been doing this for years.


Wolf Hudson: The King of Kink said...

Thanks man! I will make an update on my blog. Love ya man! :-)

Wolf hudson

Lenny said...

You must have been sober and with a clear mind when you wrote these comments. They are actually excellent suggestions. Apparently the studios are not interested in seeing on screen chemistry because they do not try very hard to select compatible partners. Enrique Cruz in some of his earlier works was very good at choosing people who had some chemistry between them. Cadinot also did a reasonable job of picking people together.

Markus Ram said...

I wonder where I fit in the list... ;-)

Anonymous said...

are you going to make a post on tips for bottoms(even though you havent) in thr future?