Tuesday, April 20, 2010



I'm out here in San Fran and haven't posted much.....

Here is a quick post:

As you know already the Live show didnt go as planned but I still had fun doing it. I filmed with Raging Stallions and finally finally.

Was partnered with an Exclusive model in being that I had a scene with Angelo Marconi(hot hot hot)

I also did my first solo for a movie!!! That is correct, I have never done a solo for a movie before and Raging Stallions gave Me a shot Thank God!!!

Also I invaded the offices of Naked Sword(have footage of that)

So Im enjoying my time out here in San Fran!!

Happy 420 day!!!

I'm spending 420 day in San Fran??? You know what I'm up to!!!

Sorry about the quick post but I have some 420 farming to do.

More later I just have to get myself together

DAZED AND CONFUSED TODAY(could you blame Me?)

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Quentin Capri said...

Diesel you're the bomb. I luv ur work. Do U think u can actually count the number of guys you fucked in ur lifetime? I sure wish i was one.