Monday, April 30, 2007

Hmmmm The Days are getting Better

Well Im writing today cause I have some time to write and I finished working out at the gym. So here goes: It seems that alot of People are in Aggreement about the "Guy who didnt want to finish the job" Blog. Well Again it did happen, and I was just pissed off that some little fucker cant finish what he started!!!
Moving on..... the days are getting better and the sun is out and People are outside and I love it. I really enjoy walking outside in the city and just watching the people walk past and stuff so I can just vibe and absorb the sun. I have been more relaxed as of lately cause Im meeting some really good people that interest me. Things dont always have to be about Sex!!!(Its hard not to think about I know LOL) and I have turned my attention to other things, Music, Writing, and Enjoying Life.
I still get alittle cranky at times, but the Highs are beating the Lows of Life lately(Does that make sense???) Hmm Highs Great Sex!!!!! Yes!!!! Im having great sex and loving it!!! What to say about a Porn Star's personal sex life??? Many People dont understand in doing Porn, People create a certain impression of ya. They often think that u only like Sex a certain kind of way Fetish, Leather, Hardcore..... When U can be the total oppostie of the character u created on screen. Now the Diesel character is about 90 percent real!!! The other 10 percent welll........ u fuck heads dont get to see, unless UR the hole Im Plowing(Dating Ya). When I date Im picky, when Im around someone I like I tend to be "Nicer" only alittle bit(FUCK U Guys!!). But Unless Im dating ya U will never know, But in any case I love the sex Im getting lately!!! It has been great.!!!
People always ask, "What are my Dreams of the Perfect partner" I dont have a clue what makes a perfect partner. My partner would have to understand everything about me, and be able to put up with Me!! Sexually???? Hmmm thats a good question.... I only had a few partners that could really wear me down(but not out)and to describe the sex is like saying " We fucked for so long it was the next day!!!" Save all the Hot Mouth Talk, or having the Best Ass or the Tightest Ass bullshit. Every Fucking Bottom swears they have the Best Ass or the Tightest Ass and its all crap. Ass is Ass just like Cock is Cock(People will Argue) I will admit to that but.... Its the person using the Ass which turns me on, the Fuck faces, and the Eyes(Color eyes +) the way they move their body, the smells, the sweat, etc etc etc...... All of that shit plays an important part to Just having a Hot Ass or the Hot Mouth theme. I have seen plenty of asses that were Bubbles(So fucking Hot!!)and the person it belonged to was a total shit for brains!!! Yes its Physically Hot !!!(The Ass) To me, what makes the bubble even hotter is that the person it belongs to, knows how to use it, has other talents besides mouth and ass, confidence, and has a dirty mind.
Now not to be so long winded, but I look for "These Other things" when dealing with a relationship or partnership. When Im single, Im happy with a fat bubble ass and a great mouth on a cute boy or girl. But to be honest, after having great sex with that person, for ur next encounter they have to bring something new to the table rather then the same ole shit u had before(cause Im bringing new things to the table everyday, Im learning and testing right now LOL). Boredom happens quick(at least in my eyes)and everyday U should be thinking of new ways to seduce ur partner.
Dating Is a horror show, we all know the bullshit. People tend to bring baggage(emotional, physical) in everything they do and dating is no different. Fuck U meet Hot people who have so many problems that ur like Damn!!!! Why are all the Hot People total Head cases????(Me included) I might be only talking from my point of View, but every hot guy or girl is a wall of problems and drama!!! Thats why I dont go for the Hot girls or guys anymore. Give me Cute anyday!!! Cute always beats Sexy In my book. Cute I believe is underrated, now when I say cute, there are different forms of cute, Geeky/nerdy, Shy/Innocent, Affectionate/Confident etc etc etc. Now some people think Cute is only for the Young, U can be 50 and still be cute. People have cute ways about them. Well this blog is getting too mushy for now!!! U guys want dirt and Filth stories. I know I know. But I dont have a note pad with me when I fuck, so faces and names are hard to come by for now. But I will blog about a Partner that I have been seening recently. Still training the person, so who knows if I will blog about them or not time will tell!!! Now get lost my fingers hurt(and its not from fisting)

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