Sunday, April 08, 2007


Well well I have left u guys for a long time and I know u missed me. So How are things with me????? I really dont understand things sometimes and usually I have to step back and look at what happened. Looking back I had the hardest two months but have remained some what sane. But alot has happened since I last blogged, so I should just get into it and start where I left off at. OOOOh before I start I want to clear the record. Ur probably saying what the fuck Am I talking about?????
Yesterday I had dinner with Damien Crosse, Angelo and Max the midget(hes not really a midget lol) Dinner was great, and we hung out afterwards and talked and chilled. Damien and Angelo are Bf's(love mushy type) and I always tease them about being so affectionate with each other. Gets me sick!!!!(Im really joking HAHA) They are that "Couple" who are so in love with each other that it makes ya want to vomit!!!(Its really sweet though!!) Well I have been alittle harsh on U Guys!!!(They read the Blog as well), Im Green with Envy!!!THERE I SAID IT!! So In Internet Space(And In Person!!), I will say "Its Great that U guys met and are in so much Love!!!!.
Its funny sometimes, when I hangout with Damien and Angelo we can always talk about anything and everything without the flash or bling, real str8up convos, speaking our minds. Im real close with both of them, and love their company. Damien called me "Dark Wing"(private joke) and recently I called him "Chubby." Damien and Angelo have been hitting the gym really hard these past couple of weeks and it Shows. But I called him Chubby to get under his skin abit(First time I said anything bad about him) Angelo being the loving husband stood right up for his man."My husband is not Chubby". I wanted to laugh so hard, but its so cute to see him stand up for his man. AAAAH REAL LOVE!!!
In short, I love u guys, Be in Love, I will just carry a barf bag with me when we hangout just incase I need to throw up some cookies when the loving starts(HAHA).
Well back to me!!!.
I took time off to get my head right, and it was needed badly. I did the best thing that I could do, T0 that was to hangout with Family(Mothers side of Family) I drove all the way down to South Carolina with my Mom and her Bf, my Aunt and her two kids(Some Bad Kids!!), my other Uncle and his father. We went down to surprise my Grandmother(9 hour drive), it was her 80th birthday, and we wanted to surprise her, she had no idea that we were coming down and we surprised her at her apartment. South Carolina!!!! The weather was great, the air was so clean, and it was nice to be in the country.
Country!!! Damn!!!! I was so far in the Country!!!There were no more Sidewalks, Traffic Lights, Streetlites, Pavement, Basically Dirt Roads was all I saw. When I wanted to think and be alone, I would just walk down the road at night, just thinking "Where Life has taken me so far????".(Getting inside my own head) IM SINGLE AGAIN!!! BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD AFTER 4YEARS, WOW!!!
In a nutshell, I grew up as a only child so Im used to beening alone. Then to get in a relationship and then have to learn how to be Open and Share. Then break up and then have to learn to break certain habits that resulted from being in a relationship. Sleeping habits, the phone calls, traveling, having to tell mutual friends that we are no longer together. But I had time to think about things and I dont Hate them!!! It was a good run while it lasted, so who knows what the future will bring???
So with breakups comes the period of Fucking Around!!! Yes Fucking around!!! The bloggings have been alittle depressing at the moment cause of things. But Now Im free to write about my Hookups and People that I have met. So I have some Juicy details, I have been a busy Fucker lately(Yes I mean fucker!!!)
Im getting some really Nice Ass lately!!! I mean I was getting good ass/pussy before.... but the stakes have risen ten fold lately!!! I dont know how many readers of this blog are gay, bi or whatever. But I will talk about it all!!! For my Gay readers!!! SKIP THIS SECTION!!!! I will keep this short and sweet. I fucked some Stripper last week(yes female), bottomline I was having some drinks at this Go Go place(I went with some buddies)and one of the strippers was hitting on me all night. She wanted to give me a Lapdance in the back( VIP area), First thing that came out of my mouth"Im a Broke mother fucker, Just being real with ya!!" She was like"How much u got???" I was like "8 Bucks"(shit I had like $500)she was like "Ur cute I just want to have some fun with ya" We went to back and she gave me a 2hour lapdance(we were having drinks and talking at same time, again I wasnt paying!! they were on her tab !!!) It was nice in the back, rugs and a nice set up of couchs and plenty of mirrors around. Long story short, after the lapdance I waited for her to get off work, and we took a cab to her place(I Told my Peeps that I was staying with her). I got to say Its been awhile since I had some real "Pussy" but "I fucked the shit outta her" Crashed at her place until morning(woke up to a blowjob and breakfast )and she dropped me off at Train Station. Overall I had a good time, and it was a relief that I could still work a real "Pussy".
Okay Now all the Gay guys can stop throwing up now!!!!!
Now U can read this story for my gays!! Nothing better than fucking Bf's. Fucking Bf's saves alot of time for me. For one thing, I dont have to keep changing condoms all the time. The same condom I used to fuck this guy, Is the same condom Im going to use to fuck his Bf. Saves the trouble of changing and changing. In a regular threesome, I would have to keep changing condoms cause I guess one guy doesnt want somebody else's shit that was left on condom shoved up his ass( I guess it makes sense????)
The Bf's I had were a Muscle Type Jock and a Twink type. I want to give more details but I will be here all night writing and writing. I fucked them both(rather well) and then stood over both of them, while they were laying on the bed on thier backs. I jerked off onto both boys, while they were making out and came in both of their faces. They licked the cum, off each other and then started deep kissing sharing my manjuice between the both of them. One fucking hot Scene. Maybe I will LIKE beening single for now!!!! Who knows?????? DONT WORRY PEOPLE THE STORIES GET BETTER KEEP YA POSTED!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hearing about you fucking women is such a turn-on. More please!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and LOVE to hear stories about you fucking. Keep the stories cumming :-)

Damien Crosse said...

You got that right im not cubby...Happy B-Day beautiful:P

Angelo said...

My husband is not chubby!!!!!! lol.....i love you diesel, such a blast you are!! Can't wait to see you again....