Saturday, April 21, 2007

4/20/2007 420 420

Okay recovering is a bitch, and basically I had a long long long 4/20. Now for the people who may not know what 4/20 is. Its a special day of the year, when u can relax and just chill out. Heres what I did my 4/20:

9:00am I "Wake and Bake" some biscuits and eggs with a side order of some Wheat toast. Took me alittle time to get up in the morning after breakfast, to be "Blunt" I over slept cause I was answering some email last night.
10:00am I turned on the Tv and started some movie called "Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke" old 70's movies with some goofy characters just running around and bugging out(Great Movie)
11:45am I had to run to the bathroom, when I got into the bathroom it hit me like "Bong!!" I had to clean out my "Bowl". Doesnt work if it all clogged up. So I had to "Screen" it to make sure its working proper.
12:00pm I had the "Munchies" and its Lunch time, So I made a big lunch, couple of sandwiches and I downed a Protein Shake.
1:00om I had to "Roll" I had to make it into the city and hangout with some friends. I had to meet up with"Dutch Master" and"Philly" suppose to meet me on 34th by Penn Station.
3:00pm Met up with the fellas and we had to "Zig Zag" through traffic to reach Washington Square Park. We hung out in park and was just People watching. I had this"Fatty"icecream I was eating(damn I have to hit the gym to get rid of all that sugar)but since it was a nice warm that day, the icecream tasted good.
5:00pm We leave Park and do some shopping on the Lower East side. I saw this Fly ass hat that was made out of "Hemp" tried it on, and it fit like a dream. We walk around just enjoying the day. We went into a Music store where my Eye caught Jimi Hendrix's Cd, I love that song"Purple Haze" I love old school rock
8:00 "Dutch Master" and "Philly" was" Burnt out" by all the walking and stuff and decided to go home to eat. I called my Homey "Choclate TY" who lives uptown and he was like "Yo whats up??? U want to Hangout with me Im just playing video games and watching Tv" So I headed up to Ty.
900pm I go to Ty's apartment and as soon as he opened the door, his place smelled like shit!!! It was like he was "Buring" some "Skunk" in the oven or something. He told me that he didnt have a chance to throw out the garbage yet so if the place was smelling kinda of"Stinky" it was cause of that. I like Ty but he smokes cigarettes, and that is a nasty little habit he has, He smokes so much that he started getting this "Chronic" cough. I tell him to quit, but whatever its his own Life.
11:00pm I get ready to go cause Ty has work in the morning and it was getting late. So I left his crib and hopped on train heading downtown. Some Kid was starting at me on the train, and I sat there "Dazed and Confused" cause he looked familar. He was like "Hey .......... U dont remember me???" He knew my name but I didnt recognize him, then it hit me!!! It was my friend Jason from the "Joint"(Bar uptown). It has been awhile since I last saw him and he was a Bouncer at the Club. We talked for a few, and exchanged numbers and he got to his stop, gave me a Hug and jumped off the Train.
100am I finally head home, alittle tired from all the walking. Jump in a cab and get ready for the 15min ride. So Im sitting in the Cab, and the I start to itch feels like there is a bug on me or something. We pull up to a Stoplight which is red, then I rub my sleeve and see this Big Fat"Roach" on me and I wipe it off. I yell at the driver and say"Damn man u got fucking Bugs in this cab!!" Thank God I get home I couldnt sit in that cab all day scratching and shit. I walk in my House and my roomate is watching "Grandmom's House" Funny funny movie. I watch like 15mins of movie and then start getting tired. My roomate comes over to me smoking some weed and offers me some. I tell him "No thanks I dont smoke Weed" The nerve of him offering me drugs, Im a good Guy not some "Pot Head"
So that is how I spent my 4/20 just another relaxing day hanging out with friends. I will write more later, until then stay tuned!!!LOL


Anonymous said...

Very clever bit of writing after all your 420 activity. When are you coming to Philly?

dogboyNYC said...

hmm.. sounds like fun.. wish i had spent my 420 day with you