Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Well its My Birthday Whoa......... Another year To Reach my goal, the pressure is on now I have to take this game to another level. I have been through the storm and made it to this spot. And Im relaxed, quiet and just getting myself together. Typical Party night would be me going out and really just having some drinks, Chill with my friends on 420 Street(LOL) and play video games.

So whats unboring at the moment???, Im hitting the gym like crazy and I think I will post some new Pics of me(I havent dont that in awhile, thanks to the emails that keep reminding me to)but its kinda of strange to sit at the gym and having pics taken and stuff, makes me want to be a Ham in front of the camera(with a 504lb dead lift in my hands)so I have to plan a day when less people are at the gym, and I can get use of all the work out Equipment. While Im writing this, Im saying to myself "Its ur Birthday why are ya sitting in front of a computer?"
The reason why I have time to write is because its still early and Im posting this Great Blog for the Fans On my SPECIAL DAY.
There it goes fuckers!!! Mark it, Diesel Washington's Birthday is April 11 Eat It U fucks!!! Now!!!! We move on to business, whats next on the platter?? Well If I havent told ya before, I was nominated for Best Newcomer for the Grabbys(Like People Choice Awards). So Im going to Grabbys. And at the Same time I will be going to the IML Representing Titan. Now I know I have Said that I didnt want to get typcasted for a Certain Type of Role. But I have to respect the fact, that Diesel Washington is a larger than life presence. I love the Leather Lifestyle and thats my Family!!! As far as Porn goes I want to Explore Different Mindsets, and be more creative. So let it be known, IM NOT UR TYPICAL LEATHERMAN!!! Understand this I have Pissed in a bottle at the 2006 Gay Erotic Expo, Hustlaball 2007 drenced the Stage and Crowd. And then at BlackParty pissed on Jack Deckard(battle of the Piss Wars above!!) Right now I have been the Nastiest Fuck In the Biggest Circuits Partys to date!! Its all Performing to me, I get cocky and Aggressive and then start pissing into the crowd Fuck It Who is Stupid Enough to stand around the Stage when Someone is Pissing.???? So I told ya the Story Of Black Party and didnt have the pics, Now I have the Pics If u didnt know the one with his Back turned to the camera in the Motorcycle pants Is Jake Deckark, Notice the Flow of Piss over his head, I gave him a nice shower. Like In his Scene in Hitch (also my debut movie starring Damien Crosse lol) just letting the water flow. Why Piss??? Hmmm I dont know??? Nothing sounds better than saying I came to the stage Pissed on It and Marked my Area!!!! Well now!!! Even though I was going through Things I love to Perform and that will never change!!!! I might sound mushy at times but believe me the Blogs get better!!! I have some New Found Energy And BIG BIG BIG THINGS COMING!!!!


filmfanatikk said...

Dude, you are a fuckin' Alpha dog. Plain and simple. Keep the fun cummin'!!

cwbybear501 said...

Howdy,Diesel :) Happy birthday ,guy! Many hugs an kisses to you you great big hunk of handsomeness1 WOOF! So jealous of you working with Jake Deckard,but oh well I love the work you do on screen with him! Oh,and did mention that I would REALLY liuv to hug n kiss you :)) hehe
PS:Feel free to email me,I'd love to hear from you(
Yours,Mike D

wisottertail said...

i'm so glad to see that YOU'RE coming to IML. i'll be there to see YOU at the Titan display table at the Leather Market, SIR, and i hope to have a taste from the TAP! Happy birthday, SIR!! i hope someone lit YOUR CANDLE fire, SIR!

wisottertail said...

Belated happy birthday, big MAN! i'm so glad to hear that YOU'LL be at IML next month. Do YOU know what YOUR appearance schedule will be at the Titan display booth? i'd love to stop by, drool and gaze excitedly!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday