Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So finally my scene will be released with Tucker!!! I had a good time filming this scene, I was going to use Tucker as a rag doll and throw him around abit. During the shoot I had a hard time finding a position that would enable Me to fuck him in a crazy kind of fuck style.

I kept it simple and only use two positions, Doggystyle and him laying on his back. I'm an over thinker so my first thought would be that fans would say "There goes Diesel again picking up little boys and throwing them around" Same ole Diesel!!

I did the signature moves in my Coaching scene http://tour.suite703.com/scenes/alexander_garrett_diesel_washington_and_steven_ponce/12124/?&nats=MTAwMTg2LjMuMy4zLjAuMC4wLjAuMA

I thought using two boys in a scene, would better showoff my skills in creating strange different. The response has been very positive but of course I have my detractors, and again people were saying "Typical Diesel Washington scene". Which is funny to Me:

I have Fisted, Footed, WaterSports, Bondage, Flogging, Paddling, Hardcore pounding, Signature moves, Cocksucking, Rimming, Punched/been gut punched, Shown off Acting skills, bah bah bah.. People just want more and more from Me..


I just wanted to do a simple scene of Me just plowing the living hell out a boy. Speaking of which.....

I'm starting to get dogged out by my use of words describing Me having sex with boys. I like to use the words RAPE, SLAM FUCK, PLOW, RIP APART, FUCK THE SHIT OUTTA....

Not sure why people do not understand why I use words like this. Its eye catching, bold and in your face its suppose to catch the attention of the reader. This is not rocket science people its merely porn....

Its my job to entertain and promote the hell outta of my scenes, thats what a good porn star does anyway...

Here is that Youtube to remind people...

He enjoyed it alright!!!

Look at that little cute face getting SLAM FUCKED HARD!!!

Anyway...the scene will be released Feb 24, 2011, check out the drilling I put on this boy.


This clip of the scene will be active on Feb 24.....

Be ready you Greedy fuckers!!

This scene is for the people that want to see a big muscle guy fucking a cute little boy.


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Life On The Island of Misfit Toyz said...

Keep it up man.
You have long been a fav of mine.
Nothing hotter than a masculine top, a man that fucks like a man.
But then to see that man do down on the bottom and make sure he enjoys himself also?
It dont get no betta