Sunday, February 20, 2011


Every day I learn something more.....

I was one these models that dreaded the whole GAY4PAY thing, and it was for a couple of reasons:

I'm a working model and I thought that too many Str8/Bisexual/Open guys were taking jobs from OPEN&OUT gay men.

I hated the disdain certain models had when talking about doing homosexual acts on camera

It sucked that certain Str8 guys would only do solos or not even kiss or touch another man in their scenes and were given the Cover on certain DVD's..

Bah Bah Bah

So needless to say my opinion on the whole Gay4pay was not a good one. But.....

Strictly in a business sense I see why so many Studios/Sites are willing to work with Str8 models....not only willing...but prefer to work with only str8 models!!
I see the plan when it comes to these type of models:

Free from the gay drama, no Bfs, Racial preferences, Diva shit, no sleeping with scenes partners before scenes.

How many times have you heard that a porn star is retiring because of a Bf? Many!!

Strange, but I talked to many gay models that have preferences(Race, Age, Body type) when it comes to scene partners. Yeah I know people are entitled to have their preferences(Wack!!)when it comes to sex, BUT We are talking about porn. Most of the str8 models that I have interacted with do not play the preference card when it comes to work. A check is a check!!

Diva shit!! Some quick examples:

Str8 dude not coming to set with a Pancake of make up on!!

Str8 dude not getting on Twitter or Facebook calling other models BITCHES OR CUNTS OR READS THEM!!(Hmmm...I should rethink that one..Diva Diesel.. but I'm not Str8 HA)

Moving on...

Sleeping with co stars before scenes, how many times have porn stars hooked up with each other the night before a scene(scene tends to lose energy) You go to these events and models are hooking up left and right with each other...Str8 dudes(the ones I know)will only have sex with a guy "ONSCREEN" and that is for pay or off screen if its an escort bottom line the only reason they are having sex with a guy is for pay.

Its so easy...

So you fly in a Str8 boy to do some scenes because they are easy to control:

You do not have to worry putting a bunch of Str8 models together in a house, they are waiting to do their scenes and get paid and then they go home. You put a bunch of gay boys together in a house to do scenes, somebody is hooking up off camera(not always the case but come on..)

Whats even better?? You take that str8 model and put him in a hotel in West Hollywood. If you surround your model with nothing but gay guys, you have nothing to worry about. That str8 model is not sleeping with any gay boys unless its for money. The feelings of isolation will cripple that str8 guy, he will walk down the street and see nothing but gay bars and gay clubs, he has nothing in common with these places, he will just walk back to hotel and wait for the scene tomorrow. Remember these are broke str8 guys they are not spending money on going to a gay bar!! Yeah right!! They are on this trip to make money not spend money!!

To keep your str8 boy from getting bored on his trip, you take him out to the gay restaurant and feed him(Tab on you)and then you bring him to the gay club and give him some drink tickets tell him "Run around look at the place" but the control is kept, because the str8 boy brain equates doing homosexual acts for pay not pleasure. So he is not leaving that club to go sleep with someone unless there is a fag hag or tranny, or drag queen at that bar!! Another added bonus to that story, even if he does secure that Fag hag/Tranny/Drag Queen, could you imagine the conversation?? If he is honest it will go like this:

Srt8 model: Hey how are ya??

Girl: "I'm good!! Are you interested in my friend?? He thinks your cute"

Str8 model: Well I was interested in you!!!

Girl: Me?? Aren't you gay??

Str8 model: No I'm Str8

Girl: Your Str8?? So what are you doing in a gay club???


At this point, her gay friend will come over and perform his Str8 test on you. But its over at this point anyway. Her gay friend will act as cock blocker the rest of the night because "His" girl is not leaving with "Some" guy she met randomly at the gay bar.

Control kept!!

Do not feel bad for the Str8 guy, he will still get his attention at the bar from his gay admirers. Besides he was able to go out, you fed him, and he gets alittle attention, that is all a str8 guy needs. Take him back to hotel, tell him to be ready for tomorrow!! You pick him up in the morning, bring to studio so he can fuck or get fucked!! Afterwards bring him back to hotel, tell him he has the rest of the day off and enjoy himself.

You got what u wanted, you got a hot scene out of him with no gay drama..

He got what he wanted the CHECK, he goes back home resumes his str8 life.

I compare it to the drug game!! You have the Supplier, Drug dealer, and the Addict let me explain:

Suppliers(Studios/Sites)have the resources/money/cameras which makes the DVDs/web scenes....aka Drugs!!

The Drug Dealers(models)they have to sell their drugs(body, dick, ass, face)and they are backed by the Suppliers.

Then you have the Addicts(Consumers)they are the ones that buy the drugs aka DVDs/Web scenes.

If your a Supplier of Crack(the drug)are you going to use drug dealers who are addicts to sell your product?? Of course not!! You don't want someone getting high off their own supply!! The supplier is running a business and its all about profits.

When you are a drug dealer, your going to tell all your customers that you have the best drugs. Drug dealers will cater to their clients(addicts)to keep them happy and to keep them buying....

Addicts buy the drugs from dealers they trust, they rather buy from a Dealer who does the drugs they sell. But they will still buy the drugs if its some good stuff!!

Well I guess the bottom line is:

I do not have a problem working with Gay4payers as long as they do their job, look good while doing it, make Me look good because I'm trying to make them look good as well...

Hmmm... this post probably makes no sense.....

I guess this is a BWS post (Blogging While Stoned)



Anonymous said...

Ok, First I think you have waaay too much time on your hands cause this was obviously really thought out which leads to; Second, good point! Really good point. Your summation of the whole G4P bullshit is actually kind of refreshing and puts things in perspective rather well.

I still think a lot of gay studios are outright homophobic when it comes to hiring practices/marketing. (ie; they cater to those self-loathing fags that believe deep down that the only "real men" are straight)

But this adds another layer to it. Thanks D!

x said...

Perhaps a bit of an over-generalization, but you do make some points. While I admit to preferring straight-acting guys on screen and off, there must be some gay performers out there who are professional and mostly drama-free - and also don't turn into screaming queens once the cameras are turned off, which I've heard is the case for many.

Sue said...

It makes perfect sense to me! Perhaps some porn actors should wake up and see that there is this competition out there before they throw their next diva fit! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Gay porn producers have no choice but to pad out their talent rosters with a healthy supply of straight, G4P guys because, unfortunately, gay men have too damn many specific hang-ups and requirements (which you've mentioned)! At my gym, I've developed a rapport with a number of guys who've become buddies--all of them straight. The gay men at my gym won't deal with anyone on any level that they are not specifically and presently attracted to. And even then...

Anonymous said...

Oh please. There are plenty of self proclaimed gay for pay models that are huge drama queens and cause plenty of issues on a set. A few issues would be coming to a set high, unhygienic, rude to other talent, cameramen, and other staff, clock watching, drug taking while working, a few have stolen, and SURPRISE and few of them that DO have boyfriend issues.

One gay performer told me the things that some of these guys buy with their paychecks-designer clothes, cologne, jewelry (for themselves), one bought a high dollar LV bag for himself, etc... Not exactly things a straight guy would buy.

Anonymous said...

You really need to study psychology. You're rants are assumptions at best. If you have gay sex and then straight sex you're bi. Gay for pay is a genius marketing tool. Many of these men continue to fuck men off camera.

Comparisons to the drug thing are dumb. Any business where you have a consumer is like the drug game. Keep them coming back.