Sunday, February 20, 2011


When I was tipped off to this I was like "Bullshit no...."

A fucking countdown until Justin turns 18 whoah...

All these gay bloggers are full of shit!!! As soon as Justin turns 18 all the camera shots will go from his face right to his midsection.

These same bloggers that dog out Justin will be posting midsection pics the day he turns 18!!! Hypocrites I tell you!!

Mark my words!! The same people that dogged him out will soon became Twink loving whores!!

At least the pedophiles will stop lusting over him!!

When he turns 18 he will be too old for them!! Yikes!! I'm going to hell for this one!!!

It's only humor!!

P.S. UPDATE************************************

Some little girl read my post and threw a rock through my window, said the Army was coming for Me...


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