Thursday, January 11, 2018

Working Out in Austria

Okay I didn't have a chance to post this on the blog so I'm doing this alittle late here.  But this was a Youtube I put together showing the gyms I was working out at while in Austria.

One of the bigger gyms was Das Gym or Intelligent Strength gym.  Now this is a Bodybuilder gym or the gym for the Strong man. I have been to a lot of fitness centers around the world but this was a gym...

Das Gym

It was a throw back to the old gyms in Venice with all the old pictures and bodybuilding history.  The place has everything for GROWING big.

The other gym I had the chance to work out in was McFit its like a chain of gyms in Germany and Austria similar to like a Ballys or TapOut fitness.  Its a solid gym where you can get a good workout at. 

Working out is my thing, its a selfish Hobby that I enjoy.  Its not a team sport or there are other players involved, its ALL about you.  How hard you Train, what you eat, everything revolves around you.  Its my Guilty pleasure..

Anyway this was a quick post and I have more to update you guys with...

See you again

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