Thursday, November 23, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving....

Now I stated on this blog and on Twitter whenever I think about Thanksgiving Gay porn wise, it takes me back to this photo of Jayden Gray shoving his cock into a Raw Turkey.  For years I think about his photo in the back of my head.  Its no shade to Jayden Gray or anything.

It's just a Funny photo I remembered all these years here it  goes:

Now recently on Twitter, I tweeting about this fact of thinking of photo and Str8upgayporn tweeted me a close up of that Classic photo..

Which is here

So now added into my brain is now the Porn-ish looking close-up of the penis, sliding into the raw turkey thereby giving it another dimension to my brain.  Now I have these photos floating around in my head and all I can think of when Thanksgiving is mentioned is a mental image of a gay porn star shoving his cock into a raw Turkey and then having a new insertion shot added to that Library now.

So in order to get this image of my head I decided to create my own version of his Classic Gay porn photo from the past and here it is..

I was NOT getting a whole Turkey to recreate this photo..

So I went with a Turkey wing and put my Bling Bling on it...

So in MY photo its a Turkey wing, with Thor's Hammer and the Helmet of Loki..
BTW I liked the Thor ALOT...

Good storyline and I like the way the movie ended on a sad note, taken from the comics and it came full circle about the story of Thor and the crossover story with the Hulk...

Back of Topic,

I was not recreating the Whole body shot of him shoving his cock into the raw Turkey. I couldn't do call me a pussy or whatever I was NOT going down THAT road.


Happy Thanksgiving..

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