Sunday, November 05, 2017

A Present from Blake

So if you didn't know...

For a couple of months I been flirting with Blake Mitchell from Helix Studios. We DM each other and talk Industry and other things.  I asked him a few months back to take a picture for me.
Say what you want...

I'm a Perv, I don't give a fuck. I wanted a petsonalized picture from him. A specific pose, specific underwear leaning against the hood of the car with his hard dick falling out his jeans.

I'm a Lucky guy..

I don't know...

I like him, besides being attractive. He has those qualities like:

Keeping his word
Contributing to the Industry beyond just looking for a check

And the most important quality..

He is just a good person, in a industry of fakes and phonies and thirsty Bitches. It's refreshing to have a young man who is respectful of his peers and a nice guy with a good heart.

I promote my friends and good people and he is someone i would call a friend AND good person.

I'm happy for all his success and I wish him continued success in the Industry.

So if you never heard of him, take the time to look up his work and catch him in action yourself.

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