Monday, May 24, 2010


I have been sitting around and watching people evolve into other things in this Industry....

Directors, Casting, Crew behind the scenes on shoots, Photography, bah bah

I feel like I'm being left out alot of things because of my distance(NYC), or maybe because people don't like Me much. Whatever...

In any case, I feel as though my Career has somewhat stalled!! I can't model forever, and I rather bow out with some grace rather than beat the horse in the head to death.

I will continue to model, but I'm turning my attention to "Model Development"

Now your probably saying to yourself, Model Development??? How can you make that a job???

Well here goes....This goes for Future/Existing/Soon to Unretire models

I'm a personal trainer, so I can come up with the Workout routines and diet plan customized for each model. So every model that I work with has a built in personal trainer to help achieve that Porn Star body.

I have enough experience in front of camera, to give helpful tips. Body position, Angles, bah bah. So you gain knowledge in how to approach the camera(if new model) My experience as a Performer, has taught Me how to add Intensity to my roles, and that is something that can be taught if the model is lacking that skill.

I also have vast knowledge in the BDSM lifestyle, there seems to be alot of models coming into the Industry that are interested in BDSM, but don't have the proper outlets to explore. It seems most models, come into the game very vanilla and they want to explore other options out there such as Fetish. I'm a player(Meaning I'm an Active member in BDSM community), I see there is alot of inexperienced players that come into the Lifestyle through porn and want to go to that next level. I like to have the opportunity, to train these models(using all my resources)to have safe play on and off camera(Water sports, Fisting, Footing, Bondage, Role playing and list goes on) What skills they learned or obtained can then be put to use in DVD/WEB work. I think getting the perspective from the Performer side and Player side is a valuable tool to Future/Existing/Soon to Unretire models.

Promotion, I'm one of the best self promoters in the game. Anybody can start a blog, facebook, Twitter account and say they are helping to promote you. I bring something else to the table. Personality!!! I will bring out the personality in the model, there are alot of people that write Glam blogs. They only put up, Glam shots, talk about traveling schedule, Appearances, and write short notes to the fans. The key to be a successful model is showing personality. Back in days, all it took was a Hot picture or magazine layout and fans had to wait for each DVD to come out to see their favorite star. Technology has changed not only the world but it has also changed the Porn world. Now more than ever, fans want more bang for their buck. Fans want more interaction from their Porn Stars today, the fans are reading the blogs and watching the interviews and they are eating up the behind the scenes footage. It makes sense that fans want not only to see their favorite Porn stars fuck!! But they want to see the Porn Stars at home, with friends just showing another side of themselves. I will work with the model one on one to develop that "Online" personality.

While helping to develop your "Online personality" I will also be promoting you on my own site!! That added coverage will expose you to a wider audience, at the same time it keeps Me busy!! I will not only promote the model, but upcoming projects, photo shoots, bah bah So not only does this promotion help the model, the promotion also helps the Studio, Company, Site that the model worked for.

It might sound Cocky, but I'm willing to work with anybody Top/Vers/Bottom. I like to think that I could teach these Tops, HOW TO TOP RIGHT!!! Learn to use their hips more, instead of all this stiff fucking. Train them to be more into the action rather then go through the motion. For bottoms, its simple!! If you can take Diesel Washington's dick and the pounding..........

Any other top you come across after Me, will be a walk in the park for you!! And that is just real talk!!

Now maybe this is the worst idea ever!!! Maybe this will take off the ground!! Who knows??? I'm tired of waiting for something to happen!! I want to take control of my own destiny for a change. I have the Ideas, Passion and drive and those are good qualities to have!!

I get emails all the time from people looking to get into the Industry. Well I think its time to help out those people!! I get approached by Newbies to the Industry that always ask for my advice. I get porn stars who are working right now, asking for advice or help with Promotion. So why not set up a Promotion company(of sorts)that molds Future Porn Stars, Helps Existing ones and Comebacks for those returning?? The process can be filmed and the Fans get to see future/present/unretired porn stars in the making.. This is my Idea!!!

So this is my baby project simply named "Model Development" and I already have some models that I'm working on...

This is Hayden Chandler, and before you say it..... Yes He is that All American Blonde haired, blue eyed boy. He is new to the Industry and is looking to make a Splash. He has a few scenes out on I was contacted by Hayden Chandler about month ago. This kid is down to earth, honest, and str8up!! I decided to work with Hayden because He was eager to evolve out of the All American Sweet boy type!! He wants to become a bit more Edgy!! And who better to learn from than Diesel Washington. He is coming to Chi town to meet up with Me, and is eager to see what the International Mister Leather is all about. He is young, inexperienced and is looking to explore his Dark side. This will be learning process for him and I'm eager to help out. He just signed with DV8 casting so I'm sure you will be seeing more of him in the future. I'm going to help him through that transition from Skinny Twink to Twunk(yes its a real word)

And this is Valentino(came up with the name myself)I'm saving his Information for another post(make you wait LOL). He first appeared on the Porn scene as Damian a couple of years ago(he did one scene)He took time off, I have been helping him work on his body for the past couple of months and he is showing off the results(looking good)he is still a work in progress. But like I said I'm working with the Future Porn Stars and he has alot of potential!! Valentino will also be coming to Chi Town with Me, so see him for yourself if your in Chi town during the Grabbys.

So these two models will be appearing with Me at the Grabbys. So I guess that means that Diesel Washington has two dates for the Grabbys. Wow!!!

Besides grooming for porn...

Also interested in working with people looking to Escort. Lets face it, some people don't want to get in front of the camera but still want to make money. Escorting is not for everybody, and it takes a strong person to survive in the escorting game.

This is a separate project from "Model Development", in my travels I get guys all the time looking to get into escorting. So I guess you could say that I took up "Pimping".

Well this post is getting long.......

Any New/Existing/Out of retirement models looking for my help can email Me at I'm looking for models of all types!!! ALL TYPES!!! I want Diversity!!! If you think you have what it takes to be the next Super Star of Porn, send Me your Pics and Stats. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours!!

Those looking to get into Escorting can also email Me at

The End Result of "Model Development":

After working with a New model, and grooming them for Porn work. I will hand deliver them to the Best Agent(and my friend)in the business today Howard from

To existing models already in the Industry, the added exposure can lead to more work because your name is out there more and you have built up a new fan base. Models with a huge fan base, sell DVD's and scenes, its just that simple!

Returning Models, what better way to jump start your return to the Industry but a media storm. You get people eager to see your return, and looking better than ever!! Love helping the comeback stories.....

This seems like alot of work, but I just don't want to sit around waiting for things to happen. While I'm waiting for the right opportunity to start my own Studio and Website I can be working at the same time.

And who knows??? All the models that I help groom or helped to promote. Can do a scene on my new website down the road.....

It's good Karma!! I helped them out and down the road when they are big names. I will have all these big names doing work on my site for peanuts!!

Its not only the smart thing to do, but the good thing to do.....

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