Thursday, May 06, 2010


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Alpha Dog of the Week - George Rekers
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Wow!!! What a shoutout!! to Rentboy!!! Not only do they show the Opening page on

But Who is that on the Title page............

You guessed it!!

Diesel Washington check it the 1:35 mark in the Vid.

Thanks to Marc from Chi town for pointing that out for Me!!!

Now you know what the scandal is, but what about the Rentboy?? He will be used a pawn in a story that is bigger than Him. From one Rentboy to another, Let Me give you some Tips!!

Jo-Vanni Roman

Okay I see that this Kid is going to get eaten alive, JO-VANNI if you reading this. HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!!!

1. Hire a Lawyer,
At this point, the Press is asking for answers to some fucked questions. Were Drugs involved?? Sex? Is He a Top or Bottom? Safe Sex? bah bah. His camp is going into damage control, so He will play victim and the Press will spin the story into that your some Hooker who took advantage of him for a payday(Ummm...) You knew someone was going to take a picture you already admitted that. So your going to have to give up your sources on Who set up the sting??

2. Don't answer your phone for the next couple of days, Go through Ur voice mails, pick out actual clients, not the tabloids and press wanting stories. Any Press should go through Ur lawyer. To get the most attention, hold a Press conference that way you hit all the News outlets.

3. Triple your Rate!! Change your Ad profile, and only offer massage services(for now *wink). They already have your old profile(saved and copied)so adjust your profile to reflect that "Offer Services" rather than the plain ole Hooking..

4. Change your Look, cut the hair get a suitable color LOL and go for the Classic GQ look instead of the party boy look. Start hitting up the gym in your downtime, if the Press is going to be in your face. You might as well look the best you can.

5. No Sex with Clients(Unless Regulars)but you can offer Massage(with release)this is only for the time being. Eyes are on you, and you have to stay within the realm of the Law. The powers that be, will make things on you difficult. There will be pressure from both sides of the fence, Negative and Positive. Alot of people would say quit escorting period. I wouldn't stop you have to keep providing for yourself because the window of 15mins of fame is shrinking as We speak. You have bills that need to be paid now and Yes there is a whole lot of Buzz going around. But keep stacking those Chips. That is just being real.

6. Do a private photo shoot, if pics of you are going on the Internet at least you can have control over the pics out there. All glam shots showing the best of you, My friend Gio is in Fort Lauderdale I would give him a call. Go to and get all the head shots and Glam body shots. If they are going to use Ur Pics at least have the best ones up. ASAP job that way you can Update your Ad, Facebook, or any other media outlet that people connect to looking for pics.

These things should be happening right now!! ASAP!! You only have a window of about a month before the story gets old. You can stretch this story for about a month, Holding a Press conference can afford you about 1 to 2 weeks. The Gays will have your back, your Young, Attractive and at this stage of your life your entitled to make mistakes. Your lawyer will advise on What to say? and What not to say. The ball is in your Court. Right now the Spotlight is on you!! In order to get the most out of the situation, this is What you need to do:

1. Right now!! Clients are afraid of you because there is attention on you. You broke that unwritten rule of not giving up your Clients. Hopefully George Rekers was a new client of yours and there wasn't any attachment. So that step 5 of having no sex with clients unless regulars comes into play. That "Trust" was broken so don't expect any New High profiled clients. That is where Step 3 comes into play, triple your rate because ur Ad is all over the place and there will be people "Curious" of your skills. Going back to step 5, this is where you only provide "Massages" there is nothing wrong with giving "Massages" less work more money. People will pay the rate of the massage your "Big Time" now!!.

2.Time moves on and you need to keep getting that paycheck. This where Step 4 comes into play, change your looks and start hitting the gym. This new found attention has to be worked in Ur favor. I would start doing Go Go gigs, you will get booked at clubs, maybe some showcases and ur making money around the country just for dancing. Do that Twink thing, and dance around the bar and get that Tip money. Hit up the Talk show circuit, Tabloid News programs everything!! Here is where Step 6 comes into play, use all those pictures for publicity. Send out to agents, there is a good friend of mine named Howard that can represent you on dancing Gigs and can give you good advice if thinking about going on the Porn path(Playgirl, Solos, Hardcore)

3. Be proud of the fact that you are a Gay Male, apparently George Rekers is going around saying that He was trying to "Convert" you into something you are not!! Take the advice from your lawyer regarding anything sexual between you and George. At the same time you need to come forward, representing yourself as a Proud Gay Man!! Let the truth be known!! If you go the Gay4pay route you will get killed in the Press by the Gays/Str8s. If you go Gay4pay your paying into the hands of George Rekers supporters, they will spin the story to protect their own Ass!! Also the Gays won't have any respect for you, you are clearly Gay by your Rentboy profile and to cope out to Gay4Pay is a Let down to yourself and your Community. Your Name is out there now, be proud of who you are.

This is the only advise I can give you now!!! You choose your own path and outcome. I just wanted to give my two cents....

Press is Press use that Shit!!!


Christopher said...

That is too funny :-)

Marc in Chicago said...

Wow. That's great advice. I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

Very sound advice except for number 3; 'triple his rate'. He has to remember, as you said, all eyes are on him and the right (conservatives) will spin this until he comes out looking like a 3.00-dollar whore with change due. I would tell him to quintuple (5 times) the rate as a professional masseur. They already know what he is, but by coming off as a coifed, high-class rentboy, at least he saves face for not only himself but believe it or not, his 'companion'. Why would a man of that position want a cheap trick. Want to make a comparison? Check out Former Gov. Spritzer. The fact that she cost so much money in the eyes of the ordinary man, maybe she did things no ordinary woman would do. Now if someone would find out who that Asian male prostitute that made 23 late night visits to the White House late at night during the Bush Administration was coming to see!! I have a theory but it would take a lot of 'Roving' around to find out for sure.

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