Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well I have another scene out on

And you will always hear Me saying this, It was a fucking hot scene!!!

But of course, We have to back track the story and then go into the hot pics. Here is the Vid of Diesel Washington and Ridge Michaels after the scene and just hanging out!!

I had a good time with Ridge Michaels, and the scene.......

Well look at the pics.......

Whoa!!! So here is the count on scenes that I have out that are the most recent:

"Getting Levis Johnson" by Jet Set

"Its Gonna Hurt" scene with Castro

"I'm a Married Man" Suite703 with Scott Alexander

In the Can:

Untitled Project with Raging Stallions with Raging Stallion Exclusive Angelo Marconi


It was a busy month, I was eagerly waiting for the responses to the scenes. The current projects out, are being highly rated and I'm glad..

That was alot of hard work, and trying to keep my focus and work hard on the scenes was alittle draining. Sometimes I really need to take the intensity level down!! I'm just an intense person and very driven. I have alot alot alot of passion for my work, and sometimes that gets Me into trouble.

This is the part of the post where I will reveal alot about Me.....

I love competition, not like the normal person who could be called competitive. I mean I'm always trying to be the best at everything!! To the point of Anal retentive sometimes...

When it comes to Competition, I'm always gunning to be number one. This was started at age of eight. I played elementary school basketball, junior high, high school, Army, College, Semi Pro. On the off season, I ran track(long distance, high jumper)at the same Kickboxing for three years. Due to injuries I had to leave the sports world and I turned my attention to Bodybuilding. Then fast forward to Porn:

The porn industry is one of the most competitive fields that I have ever encountered!! Not only is it about Body Image, Face, Ass, Dick, Personality, Ideas, it deals with people who have the most privileged information, exclusive rights, and of course my favorite.... It depends on Who you know(Sad but True)

It's a cut throat lifestyle of the Industry that mentality just wears you out!! Models come into the industry to make it big or make alot of money. All bets are off and models(not all) will use any leverage that they can get to attain whatever goal. Sometimes it comes at the expense of others, I will accept blame. But then I decided to use my own resources to further my own career. I reached that peak of my career, I established a Name and a Brand.

In doing so, this left Me empty, I reached the level of success that I wanted(Not really)and I had no place to channel that creative energy. I started doing Youtubes, Skits, Interviewing, BTS work!! That still wasnt enough for Me, I wanted to use my talents differently.......

Lets be real, the recession is a motherfucker and I rather survive and take care of my family then big this Website owner or Studio head. I do not want to invest money in these crazy times.

I came up with the idea where I could focus my energy, by taking a lesser known model(new to game)and help promote them, or "Groom" them for the Porn World. I became excited again, I was starting to get jaded and I didn't want that energy!!! To start over again through the eyes of another model, Yes!!! The idea turned me on so much!! I wanted to run with it.

That is my project, to take a New Model into the game and guide them. I have the experience, knowledge and passion for this business. Now fast forward to Crazy Diesel.

With my Issues, I become too controlling and too intense. I want to control every aspect of the porn process when it comes to my model. And that is not the way to go about it. Sometimes I get so intense I scare myself and that comes from years of Sports and fighting.

Back to issues, I guess that would be my major flaw and asset at same time. I have this Go getter menality, that wants to change the world. I play attention to every detail and overthink everything it gives Me the edge when it comes to promotion.

When does it become a flaw?? It makes Me overbearing, intense, stressed out. People view me as nut job because I'm deep in thought, but I do have the blueprint to success but its in my head. Trying to get out that information in a way another person understands is becoming the challenge. I view the Porn Industry like a game of chess, you have to think outside of the Box and plan moves ahead even before you move ur Pawn.

Relating that information to someone who is not inside of your head causes problems. If I work with a model and they make the wrong move(sticking to chess). I get upset and stressed out, because I see impact down the road. They do not!! Hard for the model to relate to Me because they only see Me freaking out at their bad decision. And its hard for Me to explain that the reason I'm upset is because of the effects of that decision in the long run. I'm not mad at them personally, I'm upset at the effect of that decision on MY model. Yeah its the classic sign that I'm nuts and take things too serious!! I just want the best for Me and my model!!!

On the plus side, the model knows that I will have their back through thick and thin and they will Def know that I'm looking out for their best interest because their decisions affect Me(in crazy way) Anyway I still working on this project but the Model that I want to pick has to have that "IT" quality and I know it when I see it.

Stay tuned!!


W.W. Wylie said...

hopefully you will be looking for a new model to guide that is more ethnic and less blond/blue eyed twink...there's an over abundance of the later and I'm thinking there is some young black/latino/asian model out there that could really use your guidance and experience at getting ahead in a predominantly white industry...and no I'm not hatin on'm just saying if I see one more lil white twink...or emo boi...or thug boi...give us something different with some flavor...that's all I'm sayin

Anonymous said...


You really should bottom or flip-flop for us fans, even it's only the once. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hey Diesel, I am a new fan of urs and ur movies. I really like ur style, and how u represent the glory days of porn. I have some suggestions 4 u that u may like 2 hear.

Anonymous said...

You developing young talent?

Catholic priests, Boy Scout leaders and now Diesel Washington.

Momma's lock up your twinks, a dirty old man is on the loose with a new scheme.

filmfanatikk said...

DIESEL!!!!!! Come to LA and do COCKtails with the stars like you were once meant to do and skipped out on to because of filming. We west coast men wanna some Diesel in our life!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you're scene with Ridge Michaels lacked passion, you should have taken control and fucked him the way you wanted not letting him decide the pace.

If you would have fucked him the way you used to fuck in the beginning of the career the scene would have been amazing, now it was a bit dull.