Tuesday, May 04, 2010


The bomb threat really shook this city up, and it should!! NYC is the city that has been bombed over and over and people are just scared and numb. I don't know what to think, 911 really tore up this city!!! Now people are leaving bombs in Times Square!! Geez things are getting crazy in this city.

NYC is the most aggressive City in the World, everbody is either busy or constantly moving to provide for their family. There are signs posted everywhere saying "Seating Limit is 10-15mins" and this is in Starbucks...

It's a different way of living that most people don't understand. I could go to another state with a different way of living and basically go insane. City living has caused Me not being able to sleep without some sort of city noise outside. Its like I need background noise in order to help Me sleep. So I will leave the TV on(falling asleep to some Cop show)and that will give Me the reminder of the city when I'm out of state.

I have a mini tour planned before going to the Grabbys. I will post the cities that Im going to(still working on it)

The Grabbys are coming up, and I'm going to have some fun!! I haven't talked about the Working out schedule which is going great I'm adding Size for the event and keeping lean at the same time.

I'm getting great feedback from my scene on Its Gonna Hurt!!! Thanks to the Fans and Everybody supporting Me!! I need my Fans to keep emailing It's Gonna Hurt to let Me do more scenes with them!! I think this site is the Perfect Fit for the Diesel Washington character!! The gritty style of filming and getting footage, and the performance element in the updates is like Butter to Me. *Sigh

The Grabbys...

This Event is going to be Huge!!Everybody is coming out for this thing!!! I'm truely honored to be hosting this Year!! I'm getting nervous just thinking about....At the same time, I'm really happy to be nominated for so many awards as well:

Performer of the Year
Best Duo Scene
Best Supporting Actor
Best Rimming
Best Porn Star Website

I'm hitting up some events out there!!!

Hydrate opening party

Meet and Greet at LuckyHorseshoe with Jason Curious(just poking my face in)

Busy Schedule!!! But I have to Network!!



Anonymous said...

i think if there were a site called "hurt the twinks" that would be awesome for you, coz you always look great paired with twinks!! castro would've been great for "it's gonna hurt" because his dick just looks abnormally huge, but i just get the sense that he isn't even fully erect and isn't very much into the fucking. you, on the other hand, whew, one of the best fuckers in the industry, i think. --michael

Laurie (WJ) said...

Hi T....really pleased they have caught the person...keep yourself save over there mate...Rgds..Laurie

Anonymous said...

Why are you so damn ashy all the time?