Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I'm too Old!!!I"m getting fat!! My dick don't get hard(New one)!! I'm a Bully!! I'm Washed Up!! I'm a Wannabee Thug!! Bah Bah!!!

I was prepared for the Hate this time!!

I simply gave up on trying to Please people!! I still read the comment sections in every blog, I might even leave a comment defending myself. But for the most part I really don't care anymore!!

I raised the bar enough, I was trying to outdo myself in every single Movie. To try to push the Limit further and further. It's been years and I still haven't seen another performer pull off Footing Two guys at the same time, while peeing into your mouth. And the most important part, doing this Feat safely!!

I was bringing a level of Watersports play into this Industry that wasn't seen before!! Live Shows (Black Party, Folsom, Hustlaball), and DVD work(Peeing over Trucks,Breakers Titanmedia)

All the crazy Fuck positions!! (Bully, Shotglass, Motorcycle, Cannonball, Camel Clutch)

All the Interviews, Funny Vids Rants and Raves....

I did it all!! I spoiled fans with everything and that is my fault!! I notice Fans turn on you, when you haven't done the Crazy stuff lately in your movies that they come to expect.

I'm going for another goal, I can always go back to all the Crazy stuff that made popular. But I want to either create or being aligned with a project that I can use all of my creative energy on!

Let Me give you this example:

When Michael Jordan first came into the NBA he had something to prove!! He wanted the world to see his talent!! He was a high flying Dunk machine!! He came in wanting the awards... Rookie of the Year, MVP, Slam Dunk Champ, to show off his skills as a Player!!

When Michael Jordan matured, he wasn't trying to be the Top player!! He wasn't coming down the lane to Dunk on everybody anymore. He was working his short range jumper!! His three point shot, and learning to move the ball better(His assists were sky high)He was still Michael Jordan but instead of being just a Super Star player. He went on to become a Team Player!! And He brought multi NBA Championships titles to Chi Town.

I did the Big Movies(and I still have some more to put under belt)and I set a standard of the Diesel performance already. I'm looking for a project that showcases my skills, my style and allows Me to have that Input. There are some projects that I'm working on, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Truth be known, most models can not handle the Fuck that I bring to my scenes(either that or most don't want to get fucked that hard) Most models are like "I have seen some of your Movies, you can't Fuck Me like that though.." I always respect my bottom Co stars, I push their limits in scenes of course, but for the record I can't put a model in all these crazy positions if they are not comfortable with it. It's the policy for most studios that the Bottom has the last word. If the bottom is uncomfortable with a position or Fucking style he either has safe word or can pause the action. Which I agree with...

At the same time if you have a Whiny bottom that advertised as a Power bottom!! And he stated that He can take any dick. But comes on set and has to stop every 2mins because they can't handle the plowing!! Well you stop and go and stop and go until you get enough footage. You have to keep a hard dick even when Whiny bottom complains about the pain, totally taking you out of your head space. Add seven people on set, either an ice cold studio or burning hot(can't have AC on because of background noise)On a time schedule, no chemistry with scene partner, and having filmed scenes Days before. Plus that same Whiny bottom doesn't like to get fucked in this position or that position. Sometimes your on location(where you never been before)and have to fuck outside or in a rented place that still has patrons(Gay Resort, Bathhouse, Home)alot to overcome!! Sometimes models are late to the set, so your sitting around waiting, that doesn't turn Me on or give Me desire. Yet I make it look like I'm into every piece of Action!! I'm known as the model that directs the action and keeps the pace of the scene going!!

So to the Haterz unless your on set experiencing the setbacks!! You have no idea what is happening on some of these shoots. But keep running your mouth!!

Fans keep supporting!!! Loyal readers keep reading...

Because the Haterz are always going to hate!!!

I know most gay boys didn't understand the whole Michael Jordan reference so I will finish with this example that the gay boys should understand:

When Madonna first came out It was to be shocking!!! Sex Sex Sex!!She had a strong sexual identity!!It was Sex vs Church, Sex vs Goverment bah bah bah when Madonna matured(And acquired Kids) it went from the Pure form of Sex to...... a Sensuality that came with her music. Breaking sexual taboos to dance music, she had to recreate herself over and over.

Who knows?? I'm not that big of a Fan of Madonna I just wanted to give an example.

Everybody knows I have a big dick, everybody knows I fuck hard!! I won the awards!! I did all of that...

What I'm missing is a HOME TO SHOWCASE MORE OF MY SKILLS!!! I just scratched the surface of the things I can do!!!


Eduardo Guize said...

Just don't fight back, it's not worth it. there's always hidden admiration behind hatred.

Anonymous said...

well i like you because it seems like you ARE a bully! love your work! --michael