Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So far.....

Some of the early results are in....

And the scene with Diesel Washington and Scott Alexander is a success!!! For the most part people enjoyed the scene. I still got my share of hate email regarding the scene. I don't understand some of the email though, some don't like the storyline(storyline??? its a porn)alot of people wanted a Flip flop(Sorry I'm a Top)alot of people wanted Me to make Scott Alexander my sub in the scene. Huh????It wasn't a leather scene it was simply a scene with two hot Black guys in it. I can't please everybody but the most part people enjoyed it.

More news to share:

I have an interview with Malachi Marx‏(Randy Blue model)on Friday, the hot young star is flying into NYC and wants to do an interview with Me. I never met the Man before and We have been exchanging emails back and forth for some time now. I look forward to giving this model a chance to explain himself, his book in the works, and whats in store for this popular model. I feel blessed that models are now asking to be interviewed by Me and they are trusting Me to do a good job. As I said I'm not being paid for any interviews but it gives Me a chance to be behind the camera and that is the kind of experience that is priceless to Me.

I also plan to take some updated pictures of myself. Its kinda of strange that I haven't post pictures of myself in a long time. I am a Porn Star and I need to keep remembering that people want to see pictures of the guy that writes this blog sometimes. I look back at some of my posts and all I have done is some Vids and shared what pictures that were taken on set. So I will break out the old camera and start taking some Stills for the Fans!!! I have been working out Hard lately and the body is looking Hot Ripped, and Massive(dare I say that??) So look forward to that!!

I have a project that I'm currently working on, I have alot of models that ask for advice or support or tips on how to become Big in the industry. So I decided to take on a model from the ground floor, work with this model and then make the Industry take notice of this model and make his name larger than life. I will reveal the model in the next coming days. This is a different project for Me, I came from the ground floor up and had models help Me. To this day these models probably have no clue how they helped my career to reach the level it is now. But I want to say thank you to these Models.

Francois Sagat, when I was first signed to Titan I was scheduled to do a scene with Francois Sagat and he turned down the scene. I was hurt by this and approached Francois as to why he turned down the scene. And he was real with Me, he turned down the scene simply because He didn't know Me. I had this edgy look, and at the time he was coming from Raging Stallions and wanted his career to go in another direction. When We talked We became very good friends, there was a photo shoot that a photographer wanted to take of Francois and to make things up to Me Francois invited Me to take part of that photo shoot and here is the result:

This photo jump started my career, this pic made it to the Naked Ambition tour and book and circulated throughout the Industry. And then Francois then agreed to do a scene with Me in Folsom FEAR(Ground breaking movie)that one single role(among others)took Me to a whole other level. Thank you Mister Sagat I can never repay for that opportunity.

And the other Model, Chad Hunt!! He was the first ever Porn Star that I ever had sex with(off camera) His dick is huge, when I met him online and he invited Me over to fuck him. I was like but Ur Chad Hunt??? He said once in a blue he gets fucked, and he saw my pictures online(before porn)and he was attracted to Me. Not only did I blast his Ass but He came three times back to back without stopping the fucking and He came without touching his dick!! We talked after We fucked and I told him I was interested in getting into the business and I still remember what He told Me that day. "Dude you have a Huge Dick not many come close to Me in length and thickness, and your one hell of a Fuck" At the time I didn't have confidence and thought my dick would be average for a Porn star. From that moment on I was like okay I have the tools to do porn so lets do it!!!.

Thank you Chad for giving Me that much needed push to help Me see that I did have the tools after all... I have a feeling I will get in trouble for sharing that Info but He did bottom in End Game! So no big deal right??? LOL

Also its official!!! and I don't understand it at all!!! My mother Momma Washington and my blog Crimes Against Nature are more popular than the performer himself!! I have received email after email by Industry people and non industry asking questions about my Mother. Is she coming to Grabbys again??? Is Momma Washington starting her own blog?? bah bah bah... and then comes my blog.

This blog has taken a life of his own, email after email from Fans stating "I have never watched any of Ur scenes but I read Ur blog everyday" "I really love Ur blog and the way you write" "I feel and understand your writing and I'm addicted to reading your blog its like my morning coffee" and then the strange comments... "I'm not a fan of your work, I just like reading your blog for entertainment" Ummm??? I'm confused as what to think????

If your not a fan of my work, never watched any of my porns then why do people read this crap?????

And then it dawned on Me, its because I share myself, talk without fear, I'm so far from PC its disgusting and maybe just maybe I write something that is entertaining and people just enjoy it. People feel connected to the stories because they are real!! It's real emotions, real problems and I can just let go and write and write.

Five years and still writing this blog, coming up with stories and sharing myself with the Fans.

Now let's talk about the word Fan, I get emails all the time from Non fans(they make sure to point out that they are not Fans)saying they are not Fans of my work but.....

They enjoy reading my blog and had to leave comments or email just to tell Me that a post I wrote touched them in some way. Good or Bad. Okay Non Fans, I will play Ur game and say that you guys are not Fans but avid readers of my blog that admire my Frankness and openness!! Anyway I am thankful that I can hold your attention for a couple of mins of Ur day and If I put a smile on Ur face, raised Ur awareness, or just pissed you off in some way then the effort I put into this blog paid off.

You notice when you go to other peoples blog, they haven't updated lately, the post are short letters, or its a bunch of glam shots or dick pics(nothing wrong with that) But to Me my blog is important to Me, I take breaks here and there from writing. It was just to clear my head, and come up with better material that keeps my blog from looking like everybody elses. Coming up with fresh ideas or content is not the easy job like when I first started. I was going through all these new experiences, and I wanted to take note of everything just to have a journal of my life in porn.

Thanks for reading this thing, I will continue as long as I still have Fans....I mean readers..


UPDATE*********Another reader telling Me how to write***********

I AM SURE YOU WON'T POST THIS, BUT HERE GOES... You just did it again. What is the point of telling people that you hooked up with Chad Hunt? You could have told the same story, with the same impact, without the private details.

I have met Chad on a few occasions and he's a class act. I just don't believe that he would give up the details of private hook-ups. Once again you have used a "big name" to try to advance your career. You even acknowledge that you might "get in trouble" for sharing this info, but you do it anyway. If stabbing someone in the back advances your career or gets you noticed then good manner be damned.

Then you wonder why you have no friends. OK, bring on the bipolar excuses and the apologies.

First off the bat, if you don't like my stories STOP READING MY BLOG its that simple. I explain the story in my own terms, I don't need to water down anything. Chad has since retired, and whats the big deal about Me saying I fucked this porn star or that porn star on camera or Off camera???. Its just sex, I think your the one with the hangups. This was years ago before I even came into the Industry. Please stop telling Me how to write, I don't come to your job and tell you how to change the grease in the French Fry cooker!! So leave Me the fuck alone!!!

Lastly I have friends, I wrote about the differences between Best Friends, Good Friends, Friends/Associates. God I'm so tired of repeating myself for the Haterz!!! Haterz go home I don't need Ur support or comments. Thank you


Anonymous said...

you are so cute :3

all the best!

Anthoney Bryant said...

Im sure it was, however I wont get to see it anytime soon. I hate the fact that U are on a site that the majority of the content I dont like. I know it an opportunity for U to make $$$, however, some of your fans like me did buy the subscription to the site just to watch on scene. I would hope that in the future U would be apart of a site thats more ethnically diverse. Sorry but I wasnt gonna pay $25 for one scene. Suggestion, maybe the sites your on could charge a little more than a trial subscription but not as much as a monthly subscription to view your scene??? Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

I'm really interested in seeing how this new model project develops. Sounds like quite the undertaking!

Dre said...

I'd love for you to do another hardcore scene with Sagat.

Anonymous said...

You've been around enough to know that you're never going to please everyone. I'm sure the positive comments about your scene with Scott Alexander outweighed the negatives. Would love to see another scene with the two of you. Have to agree with Anthony Bryant, Suite 703 is not diverse at all. Your scene was the only reason why I joined.

Quentin Capri said...

I'm from Jamaica and i'm a huge fan of you and Crimes Against Nature . Your blog posts are always interesting, humorous, and sexy. I got aroused reading about your hook up with chad hunt. Can't wait to see your updated pics because i haven't seen you since itsgonnahurt. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I LOVED your scene with Scott Alexander. Now, I would like to see you work with Nubius, Race Cooper (definitely), and Marc Williams.

ToddyEnglish said...

Oh my god please tell me there is a scene out there with you and Francois Sagat?!
I didn't read the whole post yet...Just saw the picture and had to comment...LOL

Anonymous said...

I think is very good that you give advise to other Young models. It show that good side of you that other people don't want to see (lol) people see what they want...I hope this new project take you far on your carrier, may a promoter for other young starts that need it, not every body know how work solo. and manage theirself, you would do a great manager. if you think about it, you have the inside and knowleage to work things out. this was just a note bye