Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Where to start so many things going on lately. Folsom Filth is picking up speed left and right and u guys really need to check out this one. Now I hate when a fucking guy goes on and on about a movie and the shit really sucks!! But.. I have to be real this time and say this film will shock the shit out of the whole community!!!!! I like darker films and I can see the influences from real life and movies like Silence of the Lambs, 8mm, Beastmaster, American Psycho, Hellraiser. We were styled by the guys at www.Leatherpost.com so the gear was real right down to the spikes on my wrist(read down and u will see what im talking about)
I know I put in a great performance but so did the rest of the cast whom I havent seen. This is it guys(girls) I excited!! Im ready for war and will be ready to beat the shit out of the boys down there. Okay check out www.FolsomFilth.com its crazy man!! The production and the hype is fucking crazy. Folsom Filth has been covered by many sites. If u dont know what the hell Im talking about. And this is ur first time reading this blog. Its a Very Very Dark Leather Movie. Check out more coverage on www.Gaypornblog.com The Page is hardcore but there is a very good pic of me there For Those Dieing for a Closeup check me out. PAUSE for a moment of Silence.........
If u really read my blog then u know I went from a footnote at Hustlaball(I had my shine) To this New Product of Diesel Washington. But Lets go back in time(just for a second):
MY NAME USED TO BE GIANT. Giant was more street edged. I ran with a few circles. And made alot of money doing so. I was like 6'6 220 lean and ripped, never focused on Porn(although Im a big fan of porn). I chose Giant cause it was easy a no brainer type of name. Simple and easy to remember. Sexuality is a crazy thing sometimes. As a rule of thumb, Money is really important to me. Lets be real, sex at this point of my life is easy. I dont have the hangups I did about sexuality. Nowadays if ur hot then ur hot no matter gay or striaght or bisexual. Porn has become mainstream. it has its faults, but its a business. Back to Giant(I talk like hes some sort of a character, which he was) Giant didnt care, had anger issues, wasnt a nice guy to be around. He lived very secure(spoiled) had the car, apartment, job, relationship and things were good. As all stories goes there has to be hard point in ur life which u use and grow from it. Bottomline, I lost everything......... NO SOB STORIES HERE!!!!(the moods picks up) I went back to schoool got my degree(at same time Giant was created for the sole purpose of making money) Then came Diesel Washington,(Me)I was toying with the idea of doing porn. Why Porn???(U assholes have to go back to when I started this blog)Diesel differs from Giant in many ways, sexuality, availability, exposure and just drive. So I will get deep for 1sec. My grandmothers passing was a heavy blow for me. She held the family together, with her passing, things changed. To get a better insight she passed away three weeks before doing my first Porno ever with Titan. To me... she was the only thing that kept my family(on my fathers side)together. I grew up with this family, and now........
I LOVE MY MOTHER, at this point of my life. All I care about is my mother and myself. Im in no relationships, not married, not sick, healthy and strong. Im at the biggest size in my life and embarking on this adventure. Im happy, getting attention, and enjoying it cause it wont last forever. So to others in this business HELLO NICE TO MEET YA!!!! MY NAME IS DIESEL WASHINGTON AND IM GOING TO KICK(FUCK, FIST) UR ASS!!!!
Suck on it!!! till it coats ur stomach!!!

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