Sunday, December 24, 2006


Well Kids, its Christmas time and I have been having fun in New York. I was with a friend of mine and he had his camera so I started taking more and more pics. And I thought it would be cool to add some private moments of me chilling and the city and of course getting some ink. What did I get??? What did I get?? Im not sharing that with ya yet. Who knows even why I got some ink???? I was dieing for a new Tat, but didnt know exactly what I wanted until I had a chance to talk to the artist. Then it came to me, and I took my pain for my art. Im not sore at all and just waiting for the tat to heal. I dont know when I will reveal it to ya mayber after the holidays I will do a Tattoo piece(I have a few of them).
Not really into a Christmas list wish thing, I got all the presents that I really wanted. My mind is set on Las Vegas(Big Time!!!!) Thats all I seem to think about nowadays. I dont know, I feel like I will be on the biggest stage of the world(not really)and I need to be ready. Im about 95 percent of my peak for this event. If it sounds like Im going into this like a battle, WELL I AM !!!!!!!

There is a New Batch of Porn Stars nowadays and they are bringing some interesting "Talents" to the table. Im such a newbie to this business, that people still ask me if I have any movies out(maybe that should worry me LOL). So this will be me breaking ground with two films out(and kicking some major ass) I notice that in person when people see me they are ususally stuck for words and thats a good thing for me. So People in Las Vegas Im coming to ur town again. But this time Im coming Bigger, Stronger and Focused. So it should lead up to a very interesting time out there. Yeah but my mind is killing me all I think of is getting there and getting there. Fuck I cant wait and Im getting pissed off that the day isnt here yet. Yeah I know I know I sound like a big kid, the kid that cant wait to show off.
Titan is showing a new game face this new year. From watching Titan over the years, they always made great movies, but thier actors/models didnt perform shows collectively. They have meet and greets and signings. Or their guys will jump on stage and handout giveaways. But to my knowledge this will be the first time that Titan performers will get on stage and perform together. Well I know the Sagat, Alex, Myself have performed on Stage before(Actual show or dancing or Performance Art) Damien will get on Stage and Sex it up. Tober Im not too sure of. I have spoken to him before but I not sure if this type of stage suits him. If U dont know who Im talking about????These are Titan Exclusive models. On the Titan Tip, they signed two new exclusives to the company. Pride tells me that these are the new guys to take my spot(after I worn out my welcome LOL)

Ahhhh I dont worry much Im enjoyng the ride and only 8 months into with Two movies out. Im so surprised that I havent talked anything about Christmas and spending time with family. Well I will go see my mother(who is doing very well)and spend some Christmas time with her. Eat and Eat nothing better than home cooked food and plenty of it esp when u have been killing the gym as hard as u can. Geez I havent even started cardio yet(LOL). From the pics I almost there. Its one thing to be big and beefy, another is to be ultra ripped. But to be Big and Ripped is fucking hard. I dont do steriods so it makes my job that much tuffer. BahBahBah. Dont I talk about anything else??? Hmmm trying to connect with people, fans, or whoever reads this. Im a Big cartoon head there I said it. Not just not any cartoons!!!! Big Fan of Tom and Jerry(who isnt)but not the talking Tom and Jerry(u know the ones I mean) the old ones. Classics. Classic Bugs Bunny, ThunderCats, Voltran, up to Family Guy, Simpsons, South Park, Teen Titans(I had to put it here)Fosters Home etc etc etc. So Pretty Much I just veg out to cartoons on my spare time.
So I guess I wrote enough today this was suppose to be short so no ending it right.
Down the Throat, Into the Lungs, Watch out Stomach here my Cum comes..............
Good Job finishing that Amazing Sucking Job Bitch.