Sunday, February 26, 2006


Well i was writing some important stuff about my life(yeah right) actually the blogs was only letting me put a certain number of pics up so then i had to write another window just so i can get more pics up so here we go again. Okay what to talk about.... i know i love how shallow i have become. I basically use this site to talk about myself and what things im doing to further my fun in this sex industry. Hmm it was funny cause i was taking some vid of myslef dancing cause this company needs motion of me dancing to use me for this stripper o gram. Its kinda of like vid post cards for partys and just has some guys dancing and carrying on in vid so lets hope for the best. As far as me being shallow, hey i can admit it i like to take care myself and i work very hard at gym so i like to show it off as much as i can. Personality wise im the still the same old guy i was before i got into this whole business of things. But its funny i started to work out like 5yr ago and back then i had long dread locks and i was very thin. 5yr ago u wouldnt have been able to get me to a gym to work and nowadays i feel gulity if im not inthe gym at least 4 times a week. I love the blood sweat and tears I get from the gym. And as far as jobs goes i get offered sercurity jobs bodyguard jobs, modeling gigs. I find it strange that i went from this skinny guy who got his share of attention. To this larger than life Muscle god i love the attention in the gym and on the streets and the clubs. I will keep going as long as i can go for. On to other things hmmmm.... i was suppose to take a photo shoot with a friend that is going to hook me up but i dont know if i have enough time to zoom out to Queens. I hate to leave manhattan and i have been burned a few times going to queens for clients, so basically i dont go out to queens unless i know the person or the offer is so great that i have to make the mission. Sounds like im going on and on about nothing. I wish i had some more better news to share but its like the hurry up and wait thing. People want ur pics now but for business, they move like snails, i guess that is the way goes but i will end it here. When i have more news i will keep all u guys posted until then bye


AXEL PARIS said...

Hi Diesel,

You're a god !!!

do you have some short videos of you with partners?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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