Sunday, April 22, 2012


One of the funniest commericals I have seen in a long time... and Now the extended one....OMG so fucking funny!!! The worst commerical ever, its so bad that it's Great!! Now you have to pay attention and watch the Asian guy, he is off beat as hell....... I know this commerical had to be an editing nightmare, how do you match up the sound with a model that is clearly Off beat?? Yikes!! As you can tell I'm watching Way way too much television. Speaking of television, I have a secret to tell... I have been watching the Real House Wives(Whatever State)and I have to admit...I'm liking it!! The Cunty/Backstabbing/Cutthroat nature of all the women is a site to behold!! The Best War of words in a long time... Remember the Line "Fix that Body"...."Fix that Face" Classic!!! Yeah I think I'm becoming Gayer and Gayer by watching this show LOL Anyway just sharing what I'm watching on TV lately...

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