Sunday, January 06, 2013


This is a Very Very Rough draft of the models that are apart of the series, plus there are two special models in the series that will remain a surprise(Until timing is right) In no particular order(By pic order)
JP Richards and Rio(Masked Man), Python and Cristobal, Young Buck, Izzy James, Artist, Lawson Kane, Eddie Diaz, Robert Axel and Big Daddy Sarge(Twice), Robert Axel and Matthew Rush(I swear We have better pics!!) Samson, DLo, Junior... a bunch of random pics thrown in for good measure.

There have been some set backs, but I'm still pushing on and making this Project "Hard Wire" the must see Web series/DVD..

This has been the hardest project I ever worked on, Editing from two cameras, writing the storyline, Directing, Taking Stills, PA work, picking Locations and working on the sets and wardrobe, and casting Talent.

I have alot going on.....

Delays can be anywhere from waiting on pictures from photo shoots, booking the right models, booking right locations, traveling, blah blah it was a long year of waiting.

Lets be honest, I had to save my pennies and make sure everything was within reason to spend on this project.  Dawgpoundusa gave Me alot of creative control over this project, I try to film and produce content on a small budget, but Dawgpoundsusa was Key in providing as much support as they could to make sure the realness factor was above and beyond, enough to compete with the Mainstream even. Dawgpoundusa was very generous in helping to create this project that I'm Co directing with them.

Okay enough Ass kissing(They even gave Me a Christmas present)

Finally We are in the Post Production phase....

Now its just to put everything together(Pics/Vid/Promotion packages).....

Until then......

I will be releasing another Web scene for "Hard Wire", you will enjoy this..



Anonymous said...

If Lawson Kane bottoms Hardwire will be a guaranteed major success

Anonymous said...

There's just too much deja vue with same old tops doing the same old things I do want Hardwire to succeed and for there to more such series to follow. Both Matthew Rush and Robert Axel's careers were greatly boosted when they became versatile on screen and it will also greatly boost others if they do versatile scenes too, as well as boost Dawgpound. That includes Ace Rockwood, Python, Soulja, Lawson Kane and you too!

Great Pity that Marc Williams wasn't involved in Hardwire as he really is a true body builder with the hottest muscles cakes there are and versatile too.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Please get this film out soon. PLEASE.

And if you can, make more. You are really onto something great with Hardwire, but please don't just make one film and then let the premise and promise fall by the wayside. Enrique Cruz had started something great like this a decade ago, and then nothing more appeared but those "Making the Butt" films.

So please, great photos, the clips are great, and just get it out, Diesel. You have fans supporting you, so please make it happen. PLEASE.