Wednesday, April 23, 2014



I had to Mash up some songs but at the end of the Video, I do some old school dancing cause of cause the classic in the Mash Up is "Show Me Love"

I know I haven't wrote any inspiring posts about my life or anything and there is a reason.  Slowly trying to tone down the internet blogging about My Life and everything and find a new path or trail for Me to blaze.  I have so many friends/fans/supporters that have been there from the start of this journey.

At times I wanted to stop writing because I have shared my Lovers/Money Problems/Deaths/Blog battles so many memories and Youtubes and photos all through the years..Almost 10yrs of memories and I really have to start putting this thing together because this blog has a story to tell.....

I have watched myself on this blog, because I sound like sometimes I repeat myself with the same old issues I already commented on.  I think by now, everybody knows my stance with things and there are sometimes when I have to Break it down with.

I'm not the best writer and somtimes expressing myself on a blog or tweet comes off...What is the word? HARSH..

Anyway, there are so many changes happening in the industry and I don't think there is any room for a Throw Back Porn star that still cares about his Brand and feels a level of Social Responsibility when it comes to his Performances.(That is a Mouth full)

So I wanted to touch base with my Strong supporters that think I'm just floating in the wind. You can say that...But at the sametime I would say I'm finding myself right now and allowing myself to live life again.

Anyway enjoy the Video


Anonymous said...

You might consider a career as a gogo're still hot

Anonymous said...

That was great..Like being there without Getting there...Rgds/MHR...L

Anonymous said...

U need help findin yurself?? Cuz I can help u find yurself right on top of me kissin me lol jp but do yo thang and take time out 4 yurself my dude. We all need tht every now and then
-UrbanWhiteBoi ;)

Suba_2662 said...

Really great video, I love this side of you