Friday, September 19, 2014


So again I was at the Parliament House for Indecent Exxposure with Jarec Wentworth and Colby Keller.  I was a bit nervous attending this event these are some big guys and I'm just some Porn Vet who is still hanging on.

At first I was alittle nervous to meet Jarec Wentworth, I had a chance to look him up on the Internet and people rumor/gossip all about him and not in a good light.  So I had my guard up meeting Jarec.  I flew into Orlando and met Jarec at the airport and We rode together to Parliament House.  I had a chance to feel out Jarec on the ride to Parliament House and I was quickly relieved to found out that Jarec is quite is quite funny and has a sense of Humor.

I get to Parliament House, and of course I have to say Hello to Parliament House Staff.  I'm always greeted with big smiles when I go to the Parliament House from desk clerks to the maids and bartenders.  Alot of people do not know I'm very polite and friendly esp to Staff because We all work together to put on a show and be entertaining. We all work together and the friendlier you are to people that you work with the more they have your back.  And actually they are very happy to see you again cause your Nice and down to earth and approachable.

Big Shout Out Fabscout Family!!!  Literally so broke when I got off the airplane I had to ask for a loan.  No shame in my game because I asked "Family" for a load and they always have my back and I will forever be grateful that I have a close Family of people that I can call Friends

The show was the standard giveaway and a creative shower kinda of scene where the performers take towels and soap and bath each other on stage.  Anyway Highlight of the night was when Ryan Rose sneaked up behind Me and pour a whole bucket of soapy water on Me on stage it wasn't staged or anything.  Only Ryan Rose can get away with something like that.  And I'm always about a good show and doing something unexpected for the audience.

Also meet a cute guy and We had fun for "Hours" and hoping to see him sometime in NYC coming up!!

That is a quick recap of the event

Stayed tuned for more posts coming soon....

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