Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Jed Athens claim to fame....

His reaction to a milky white substance shooting out of an ass...

How charming...

Now We have to go back in time for a minute, When Jed Athens(real name Phil) first started I liked his look and something about a Geeky nerdy boy gets Me going every time. And he was a prime example of a Geeky boy..

I was kinda of nervous at first talking to him on Twitter, cause I can be socially awkward when trying to flirt with another porn star.  So I took it slowly at first and just admired him from afar.

On twitter we had a couple of conversations back and forth but due to the distance(Him in LA and Me in NYC) nothing came from it, and we lost communication.

Fast forward to Jan 28, 2015, on twitter I started to post more pictures of my ass.  I don't normally post pictures of my ass because I'm a Top, since today was Hump Day I decided to share more pictures of my "Hump"(Ass)

My ass...

Jed Athens ass:


Probably the first time in 10 years of writing this blog have I EVER put up this many pictures of my ass.  I'm proud of my ass, it only took Me about 10 years of time to show it off more.

TeeHee now back to Jed Athens I had to post pictures of my ass that started this all this mess in the first place...

So I'm at work and I receive a phone call from a number I didn't recognize.  I didn't answer the phone because I'm not allowed to be on the phone while at work. I texted a message back to the caller saying I was at work, yet the caller calls me back yet again. Now I'm getting annoyed...

I receive a text message saying "Pick up your phone" I'm thinking to myself "Who is this? and Why is this guy so rude?"

This is the text conversation from the start:


Jed Athens(Phil): Yea??

Me: Someone Called?

Jed Athens(Phil): Terrance?

Me:Whom is speaking?

Jed Athens(Phil): Phil

Me: How can I help you? Can't talk now What's up?

Jed Athens(Phil):Pick ur phone

Me: I'm busy right now at work..can I help you

Jed Athens(Phil): Its not urgent I have a bit

Me: State your business

Jed Athens(Phil): U for my Bday

Me: Explain

Jed Athens(Phil):Go check your Twitter it might make sense to your talking to

Me: My services are currently not listed. How did you get my number and explain things directly

Jed Athens(Phil): U have dicked a number of my buds:)

Me: Listen my tolerance for playing games is low. I don't know a Phil I have no idea what u mean or saying right now. I dont have a pic of you. Your talking to me like I know you I'm at work now. And not trying to be rude but i get daily calls from strangers just wanting to make convo with Me.

Jed Athens(Phil): Omg its Phil aka Jed Athens

Me: Ooh

Jed Athens(Phil): I dont want convo just Bday falls on a wed and I saw ur booty just triple checking if I can't have it...

So at this point, he finally reveals who he is when HE CALLED AND TEXTED ME BEING MYSTERIOUS...

Here is where things took a turn for the worst......

Jed Athens(Phil): I don't fuck just anyone I have had a craving for older black booty as of late and I saw all that ass and I was like Ummm me want..

Jed Athens(Phil): My taste in guys older than Me sorry not into youngens and black guys tend to be more capable of hate fucks...

Jed Athens(Phil): My old twitter u made a comment about fucking me over a year ago 2. I said older not old get ur shit Str8 because compared to me  u are older 3. using a known facts that many white guys aren't proficient in topping and using references about how u fuck isnt stereotyping its call making a hypothesis.

So he starts talking down to Me, and then he gets really condescending and rude to Me.......

Jed Athens(Phil): U should read into the implied things I dont fuck ugly and I don't get intellectually involved with porn ppl because it always bits me in the ass because porn ppl use u till they get what they want...

The most annoying and downright disgusting part of the whole convo was this text to Me

Jed Athens(Phil):  Ur not a nerd u don't play DND or Video games probably the complete opposite of me and I require a heavy on the nerd side.

That was so rude and nasty and such a self important statement, He doesn't know Me. He didn't even want to take the time to get to know Me, or what into, no hobbies or interests nothing. If he took the time to get to know Me. He would have found out in fact I do play DND and I do play video games and collect comic books and into Cosplay.  Cause I am a Nerd.  Even my twitter followers know I'm a Nerd/Geek so that pushed me over the edge cause he didn't take the time to read my TL or to ask anything about Me.  He just pushed for his own agenda without any regards to what I like or into.  Completely self important

Sorry Jed Athens the world doesn't revolve around you....

The rest of the conversation was more like the same and he refused to acknowledged me as a person or individual, he talked down to Me like I wasn't on the same level of intellect. It was so distracting to be at work and some Porn Skank hits Me up looking to have sex with Me. Yet he is rude, talks down to people and instead of talking to Me and finding out interests.  He didn't want to put in the time or effort to get to know Me as a person or even find out anything about my likes or interests. He was completely self serving, self important and has no regard for my wants or needs.

As a matter of fact, the entire time we spent talking he kept repeating that he doesn't kiss ass....

Jed Athens does not kiss ass....

Kissing ass to Jed Athens is complimenting a person/telling the person your interested in, that they are cute or attractive.  Kissing ass to Jed Athens is trying to learn more about a person/Kissing ass to Jed Athens is being somewhat nice to someone because you are interested in having sex with them..

Here is the best thing about the situation, he is a blogger himself.....

Jed Athens a blogger? Yes he is......

Now if you go to his blog, he writes a detailed blog post about the porn models he has worked with in the past(Good and Bad).  So when you are a blogger that writes badly about people, you have to be prepared for someone to write badly about you(Been there done that X100)

Here is one post I found interesting 

Trashed C.D by revealing his agenda..

Another post

Calls out another stripper....

Probably the most damaging post

He talks about his "Relationship" with the deceased Mr. Rhodes, and then goes to trash Steven Cruz and Bruno Bond..

I don't know who this is Jed Athens? A character or persona? Someone with deep rooted issues and showing his insecurities through his blog and his interactions with other blogger and porn models??

Of course you can compare Diesel Washington to Jed Athens and see a lot of similar traits:

Train wrecking on Twitter

Writing Bold and outspoken blog posts

Being known as Crazy or Insane

Being very Truthful and Honest

Yet there is so many notable differences between Us:

He is a total dick in person, I tend to be a dick on Twitter but in person LIFE OF THE PARTY. 

 His porn scenes are boring and bareback,. My scenes are exciting and interesting to watch, and condom only.

 He has a big black gaping hole, I have a big black cock.

 He is scrawny and pale white. I'm sexual chocolate.

 He is young and naive, I am OLDER with more experience in this business.

Anyway I used to have a Porn crush on a model call Jed Athens......

What I got was a person who was nasty/self centered/self important/self serving and not someone who I would call a friend or even someone I would align myself with..

In a nutshell.....

Jed Athens or Phil or whatever your name is

You are a Douchebag!!!

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Gordon said...

Don't feel too bad about losing a 'porn crush' - he looks just like every other scrawny white twink in porn so he's EASILY replaceable, LOL. Plus a big beefy dude like you would snap that little bitch in half anyway, LOL. He'll come crawling back when his 'twinkiness' fades away and no-one else wants him anymore.

I'm sure you could find a similar model with a much better attitude/personality.