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So I took alot of time to do this post, I have to be honest it gets harder to write blog posts. I send alot of time on Twitter, so you can follow Me there as well. So if you want to see what I'm up to on a daily basis...Check out my Twitter

Now lets talk about the most important thing, Diesel Washington is shooting more scenes for the fans.  It should come as no shock to people that I have spent alot of time in this business.  I came to terms that Gay porn is a business that the Emphasis is on Youth. I'm a Veteran model that has DONE it all, even though I feel like the same person that stepped in front of a camera nearly 10 years ago.

How was I able to maintain all these years? Is a mystery to Me.  I look back at old pictures taken 7 or 8 years ago, and Thank God I basically look the same(give or take some wrinkles) I'm happy that I'm aging well in a business that is all about Hot/Tight bodies, big dicks, bubble butts.

Anyway moving on........

I got the call from that was interested in shooting something different and they wanted Me to anchor this Series that they were filming. The idea was pitched to Me, and it was so interesting and the best showcase for my acting skills.  I really do not want to go into depth about the role but lets put it this way.  It was a Very good role that I couldn't turn down and it had all the elements of a Ground breaking scene. And this series hopefully will get picked up for another season(Crossing Fingers)

 I have to be honest with fans, I get tired of the scenes that are merely just sex with minimal dialogue.  I'm an Old school performer. I believe that fans should be taken on a ride when they watch their porn. Of course it has to have hot guys and hot sex but its 2015 I think the fans can appreciate good acting and a decent story line.

Ding Ding...that is something important to remember....Story lines.  I get drawn to roles that involves acting, I enjoy playing characters that are outside of my comfort zone.  For example in Cockyboys Answered Prayers I play a Mystic Healer of sorts

  Speaking of which my role as the Healer in the CockyBoys masterpiece earned Me  2 Grabbys nominations for Hottest Top and Manly man.......

Boomer Banks
Nick Capra
Tommy Defendi
Topher DiMaggio
Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Durano
Alexander Greene
Tayte Hanson
Colby Jansen
Colby Keller
Sebastian Kross
Connor Maguire
Evan Parker
Valentin Petrov
Adam Russo
Andrew Stark
Rocco Steele
Ryan Rose
Mitch Vaughn
Diesel Washington
Cutler X
Sean Zevran

Derek Atlas
Boomer Banks
Brian Bonds
Dirk Caber
Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Fanz
Jesse Jackman
Colby Jensen
Colby Keller
Adam Killian
Connor Maguire
Hunter Marx
Dean Monroe
Jason Phoenix
Ryan Rose
Rocco Steele
Diesel Washington
Sean Zevran

So look at that list above...... I'm going against some Heavy weights who are popular in Today's Gay porn.....I look at the list and I feel like the only Throwback on that list.  But I'm proud and I really have to Thank the guys over at Cockyboys who dare I say.....

Gave Diesel life again because I was floating around, thinking about retiring from all the stress and drama in Gay porn.

Big Shoutout to Cockyboys.....

Switching up speeds now........

OKAY I was all over the blogs again, a Twitter War here and there, drama, exchanging words. Drama Drama Drama

I'm not going to go into all the stuff because you can probably read about it on the Internet where stories about Me are Plastered all over the place. Lets talk about the good stuff now......

Shooting scenes.......

So I get to San Diego and I'm greeted at the airport by Trenton Ducati, his husband David and the ever so cute Colt Rivers. We drove over to the house, that we are shooting in and checked in.  I had a long flight, so by the time I got to the house I found my room and passed out.  The trip from NYC to Cali is long and I wasn't prepared for such a long flight with one lay over in Chicago. Anyway I crashed in bed and got ready for the next day. 

So filming starts....And up is Colt Rivers and Jack King...

I guess in between takes Colt Rivers likes to walk off the pounding he just got and just stretch his legs. 

After scenes, Colt Rivers just likes to sit around wearing underwear and pointing his cock in my direction.  Such a Little tease... No to be honest he was cool laid back and quite funny...

After Colt Rivers and Jack King sex scene, I had some B roll with Jack King, showing my acting skills

Later that day after Puff puff Pass, I relaxed in the house and went out to dinner with Mocha to this Mexican restaurant and had a good time

One important thing I wanted to point out, I had the pleasure to work with Micah Brandt. I think it was important that two popular Blk models on the top of their game work together.  That will speaks volumes in the Industry.  TBH I kind of felt the pressure of such an important scene but I held it together and I think that the scene is very hot..   I also had an acting scene with Micah that should be fun to watch..

Still Photographer Mocha and Videographer Anthony Duran/  I worked with Mocha on Asylum from Falcon studios and I worked with both on "Getting Levis's Johnson" so I was very comfortable working with such talented Men.

 A special feature I have an acting scene with Trenton Ducati so you will see two big guys going at it on screen.
And here is Casey one of the PA's on set and he is also a porn model as well.. Be careful with this one....He will have you ripping off your ears if you talk to him long enough.  

So the tally is:

Three acting scenes with Jack King, Trenton Ducati and Micah Brandt.

One sex scene with Micah Brandt

And then I have a cool monologue at the beginning....  

I really had something to sink my teeth into with this role...I hope the fans enjoy this mini series and vote to see more down the road.  I would definitely love to play this character again in the future.

So when that question is asked what am I working on now.... will reveal a surprise that should interest you...

More later Folks.

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