Monday, June 12, 2006


Okay Pussy boys, so u know im a exclusive with Titan. The secret is out, now comes the hardest part of porn thing. While I know I need to watch my mouth, I have to spill some beans now. I have got a million things to get off my chest, and now seems like the best time for handling unfinished business. To those who read my blog, I have stated somethings that I want to take back. Im no longer alone in the world Me and my best friend have been talking lately and even went to movies to see Xmen(good movie). Its funny how things go sometimes, we started talking like nothing ever happened or even a falling out happening. The convo wasnt pushed or faked and we came to terms that we needed alittle space apart to get things in order. I was starting this porn thing and he was starting his new job(yeah right I was becoming a pain in the ass) Sex seems always on my mind, and he was just a reg guy that likes to work hard and make a difference in peoples lives(oh such an angel). So beening in good spirits we went to lunch and hungout and had a good time like we always do. Hmm what next to talk about, the word has been spreading about me being signed which is a good thing. OOOh but I do have to say FUCK YA!!!!!!!! to the all the sites that didnt break the story. Not sure if they didnt get the memo yet, or are they afraid to touch the HUGE BLACK GUY who got signed. I usually name names and sites but I will keep the names to myself(for now). Not that i care too much, but they break every story about all the other performers who got signed ie twinks, daddies, muscle boys, and I guess their favorites. Now in another life, I would cry foul and blame that they dont give attention to Black performers in this business. But I wont go that route at this time(I will save that for another blog soon to come)
Okay on to more business, I had the chance to talk to the guys from the office. We seem to have a number of exclusives signed to Titan(hopefully in the future I will get a chance to fuck them all)and its cool. Im a big porn fan, so I usually go to tons of sites and look at each company and go down their bench of exclusives. I dont know what to tell u guys, each company out there is getting their hands on some hot guys(and some not so hot). So 2006-2007 is going to be a great year for porn. Me being loyal as hell(being loyal to ur employer is key)Im eager to do good work. And I will literally have to fuck my way to the top, I love being the underdog and under the raydar, so when i come out in full force, people will be shocked and have to come into my world. It will be a long process but thats the way it should be. I plan to be around for a while so im picking moves(movies) and want each project to be good and remembered long after I retire. So what are my plans now??? Film good movies get some attention, in the company itself I want a Box cover(hopefully), and a my own storyline for a movie where the characters revolve around my story(Im so cocky). So lets see, who worked with Titan in the past and was a break out star. Dred Scott that name gets thrown out alot along with Ben Jakes. Im not trying to fill their shoes by any means. I want my own shoes.!!!! They are/were great performers, but this is my time to shine, so one day, some one will want to top what i will accomplish with this company.
Im 420 cool, all else not my thing, so I will work alot in this business. Drugs in this business, is the sad part of this business, they are here and in record numbers(TitanMedia is a A Drug free working enviroment) I dont judge people and everybody has vices. But too many times, I have played with Porn stars before coming into the business and they were big time users of Crystal(the ones that I have been with)which doesnt bother me, take what u need so I can pound ur ass for another 3hours(LOL) When I first started this journey, I was coached by some the of best of the business. And everyone has told me I was made for Porn as long as I dont get into the partying mode I would do fine(People and Fans this will never happen I have been around druggies all my life) I grew up in the Projects and was around the drug dealing, junkies, crackheads and every low life bum. So me getting alittle fame wont change me I know where i came from and how easy its to go back.
But one subject I have to touch upon. IM NOT A THUG!!!!!!I just have thuggish ways
This is the toughest subject to touch, Diesel are ya a Thug???? THUG, GANGSTA, HOMIE, HIP HOP HEAD. Everybody has a fantasy of what i am. Im a man plain and simple. This is a business to me, I can play a Leather Master, hip hop character, a preppy type, college nerd type, shy/timid type, college frat jock type etc etc etc. I wish alot more performers of color, wouldnt lock themselves into one type of character. Just as a actor u have to be versatile and have alot of looks so people can cast ya more in different types of roles. As long as Im fucking all the other characters in the movie I can play any role. When I decided to do this porn thing I wanted to stay far away from any character that had to sport a dorag, gold chain or have to speak any type of slang, that was too easy to play. I wanted characters that were different,, I wanted to play parts that could speak to a larger audience. Do I wear a dorag(yup) do I have gold chains(yup) do i speak slang(yup) but in the context, that its comfortable gear to wear on the streets(doing the nyc thing) but as far as movies I dont want to play this type of role(well not yet anyway) breaking the wall that all black guys have to be ghetto is what im after. I would love to play a doctor in a movie and then fuck the shit outta my patient. Its a character, and every movie that comes out, has a cast of characters. Each character plays an important role to the movie but skin color has nothing to do with the character and how each of the characters react to him.Unless the story is about race relationships. Now I have heard rumors that some models wont work with other models cause of skin color, and at worse some feel that if they interact with in a sex scene with a person of color they will lose their fan base(clients, and people who hire them privately)bullshit. UR A FUCKING PORNO STAR u get paided to get fucked or fuck bottomline. If I walked on set, and a model didnt want to work with me cause of a color issue. I would still work with the other models and if he decides to work , and distances himself from me, when the cameras are on, he will be my major focus on film and i will go to town on him. Being an exclusive u get certain rights more than the average porn star who works with tons of companies. I have my foot in the door now so i will get to choose my partners. And the partners im going for??? The all american types, blonde blue eyed boys, muscle hunks, daddies, and twinks. I want them either white, latin, asian and black into all types Ass is Ass to me. I dont have a color preference, but for business, I want every cute white boy admired in porn today and to fuck each one of them brutually. Im going to shock this industry, so either u can make room for me or get the fuck outta my way. SUCK ON THAT PUSSY BOYS!!!!


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