Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Dont let the title fool ya, no i wasnt in jail or anything.... I have been so damn busy(doing nothing lol). I havent left u guys with anything to go on in a long time. Hmm where to begin? Since Last talking to u guys, I had the chance to go back to San Fran and film another movie. This one is called Cop Shack, so it should be good. I play a cop in this one so all u uniform fetish guys tell me how u like this one. So in a nut shell I have filmed three movies already. My thoughts about everything????? Very slow process in becoming this "Porn Star". I think I cant handle waiting for everything to start, probably by then, I will be like Im on the ride of my life. So everyting is quiet at Washington Headquarters right now. I have came out of retirement and started business as usual.
Back to business, its kinda of strange to be back working again. But its cool cause my readers, are requesting alot of things from me. U may read this and be like: "Dude the only reason why Im reading ur blog is cause I have seen ur pics and I guess what to know more about me. U probably have read my old posts as well. So I will stay current and let ya know about the lifestyle of a rising porn star.
I give u guys pics and insight on me and some of the things that i think about. As anything else this is a business. So basically I have to change this to a view and pay thing soon. Yeah I know it sucks, Fuck u too(cause i know ur like now he wants to make money like everybody else!!!!) So what can u expect from the change???. Just think I will be able to post nude pics and really give ya some eye candy to bust a load to. And the format change will let me talk about the things that i want to talk about rather then have to censor myself. Yeah I know I have eyes on me watching everything I say and do, So moving the site gives me freedom to say anything. Now!!!! since im moving the site, while im still here I will give ya more pics and more stories and I guess open up alittle abit about "myself"
Above are some stupid pics I took, it was at 2am and I was answering email and surfing around. I have been getting more requests for pics everybody wants updated pics. Hold on people, its not easy taking pics when ur the only guy taking them. I feel kinda of stupid of setting up the camera and timer and then standing around for the flash to go off. I wanted some pics from Titan but u know how that goes(maybe u dont). All the pics i took were for the release of the movies that i am in. So I know they have to be colored and fixed for my skin color and stuff. So in the future, when i get the pics I will post them. But maybe I shouldnt post those pics. I have been hitting the gym harder and harder. So when i post those pics my body wont look the same. My Chest is bigger now and my back is wider now, so I guess the best pics to take are the ones that I take of myself. Just have to figure out the time I have to set up and take them and post them. Okay since reading ur emails I need to open up, and I guess the best way for that is by coming up with My Top 10 lists: 10things I hate about the business, 10 things that piss me off, 10 things that turn me on, 10 things I like to eat, So we are going to start with the 10 things that piss me off. Cause lately I have been annoyed by People(We are all Human but fuck some stupid people out there) Stay tuned Bitches Im coming for that Ass!!!!

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