Wednesday, August 16, 2006


So I guess u guys are reading these blogs nowadays. So much attention has came my way from nowhere and u guys go on and on about me blogging more so here goes. My Top 10 things that piss me off are in no real order like from 1-10 or anything Im just stating as it comes to my mind: 1. Prejudice people piss me off soooooo fucking much. Let me explain in detail.(Not too much detail)Bah Bah Bah...Im not going into the.....How blacks are repressed and scorned and have to work twice as hard as the average guy crap(Its true but Im not going there) But I will take it on the most basic level. U guys dont live in my shoes so u dont know the crap I go through daily. I have heard anywhere from" Ur Hot for a Black Guy" to "U have a hot body and huge cock too bad ur black" to even more confusing and ignorant things as " We have so much in common, I find u interesting, funny, and totally charming. Ur body is amazing, I love ur attitude, the way u see the world and I bet it would be great to be in ur arms. Its just that IM INTO WHITE, LATIN, AND LIGHT SKINNED BLACK GUYS????? I have to move on cause im getting pissed right now. LOL
2. I hit the gym 5times a week and pump weight until Im sore, I do cardio twice a week(running 15-20 miles a week) I do stomach three times a week until it cramps. I stay sore all week and im tired, weak and drained. I get people who say u have hot body and it really shows the hard work u put into it. AND THEN ONE ASSHOLE can say yeah he has a hot body but its all Steriods. I DONT DO STERIODS AT ALL!!! And to have all my hard work shoved in my face and disspelled by the notion that i do steriods kills me. To those who dont know better, Steriods cause acne, thick midsection with protruding belly, and testicle shrinkage. So fuck u guys.
3.Liars,we all hate them. Now this is a tricky subject, I dont mind people who exaggerate(cause we all do at some point and time). But stone cold liars who lie right to ur face without blinking an eye. They lie about their job, lifestyle, how much they make, where they have been, who they know all in order to get ahead. White Lies dont count(if u dont want to hurt a person feelings or cause a scene I have no problem) If ur just making up shit just to make urself look better then that is sad.
4. People who waste ur time, god that shit is so annoying. To joke and laugh around(we all do)is normal. To call me on the phone and just go on and on about nothing having no direction(I can take 10-15mins of it)is a waste of time and phone minutes.
5. USERS, geez we all hate them. U know that person that just looks for the hustle in everything. Its always what they can get for free, who can u introduce them to(to get ahead). Now introductions and networking urself is key to any business. But they dont spend their own money, always asks to borrow money(when they have a pocket full of money) and never gives ya the money back, or has the decency to loan u money in a desperate time of need. They take and take and never gives anything back.
6. Smokers, another tricky one, im 420 friendly but I dont smoke cigarettes(I know its nuts). I am known for a cigar once and while. But the thing that pisses me off, is the no respect factor. If ur the only one that smokes why in hell are u going to light up in a crowded car???Why are ya going to light up when im eating my food??. Im not pulling over the car so u can get in a quick smoke break. And if u work 9-5 why u must take 10 breaks a day for a smoke. To counter this everytime a coworker goes for a smoke, I just walk outside with them and just get air. If they can take a break for a cigarette i can take a air break.
7. Since I travel alot, Crazy Babies and Kids on planes. Okay before u guys have a bitch fit about this pissing me off. I dont blame the babies or the kids, I blame the Parents. If u know that ur going to be on a 6 or 7 hour flight, u better bring enough toys, games, vidoes etc etc... to give ur kids something to do. Last Flight this couple had four boys 3,4,5,6yrs of age, they had no toys or games and their kids ran up and down the plane. The Flight attendents had to run around grabbing the kids outta the bathroom, yelling at other people on plane. They were screaming and yelling and just made the Flight the worse experience ever. If any of u guys(girls) have kids take heed bring toys for ur kids save us the trouble.
8. Haters, if u have read any of my other posts u know where im going with this.
9. People who have talent and abilites and dont use them. This is tied with People who have no Long Term, Short term goals in life.
10. Excessive Partiers, Heroin Users and Alcoholics I have no tolerance for at all. Im 420 friendly only .
So this is the First List of Top 10 things. I will blog more later, its just been a crazy ride these last couple of months. And I havent started the hard part yet. So suck on this and suck on that. But all u bitches want to suck on something that is fat. My Dick Bitch


Anonymous said...

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Heya, I guess this is an old blog entry but I just found your blog and wanted to respond. I'm sorry you get stupid-ass guys telling you "You're really awesome but I'm only into [whatever race/ethnicity that's not you]"... However, I don't think this is the same as prejudice. For whatever reason, we all seem to have "types" that we like and types that we don't like--or at least like less. Sometimes, don't ask me why, these fall along the lines of race or skin color. Now, I happen to LOVE men of all colors--Black (lightest to darkest!), Latino, Middle Eastern, etc.--EXCEPT I don't find a lot of mainland Chinese guys attractive--again, don't ask me why, I couldn't possibly explain, ubt neither can I change that fact.

So I could say to you, "You're awesome AND I'm totally attracted to you," but the fact remains that I might find a Chinese guy awesome in all non-physical ways, but not sexually attractive.

Of course, what it comes down to is common sense and common courtesy--I wouldn't TELL that Chinese guy "You're awesome BUT..."--why would I say something that was likely to hurt his feelings? (unless he was totally coming onto ME and I had to explain why I wasn't responding the same).

Anyway, race is tough in the US; we're all way too complicated in our group dynamics and it's very hard to understand, as you say, what it means to be in the other person's shoes... but I think sexual attraction along racial lines is the least of our worries. If people treat me with the respect and courtesy any human being deserves, I'm not going to begrudge their not being hot for me. :) Hope you're doing well.