Monday, April 28, 2008


Now!!!! I know I haven't posted in a while.........but I'm trying to stay busy and do my thing!!! But last week I was hanging with my Homies Damien, Angelo, Patrick, having a good time and just living life(for once). In between working, traveling, and remaining busy..... I was re-introduced to another Porn star by the name of Wolf Hudson!!!
Geez I fucking like the kid!!! Smart, good looking, good with numbers!! My kinda of guy.....
Anyway..... I ended up hanging out with Wolf for quite some time. Hes very witty, good head on his shoulders and everything. I meet alot of models in the business, but Wolf is different... He wants to try new things, develop different styles, and a Performer!!!! I meet some models and they all want to be Jenna Jenna Jenna!!! Young, no direction!!! just filming for a check.....
But there is a new crop of performers, coming into the business..each one hungry...with goals in their mind...and bringing skills to the table. And Wolf is def one of them..
Geez I feel old already!!! I saw potential in another model I met last year at IML!!! Ricky forward to Feb 2008 now two time Gayvn award winner!! Another model who used to hit me up on Myspace talking how they wanted to come into the business, Excited by his first movie, Jesse Santana!!! To Mega Star being nominated for everything!!!(Rightly so!!!)
Fuck!! anyway my point, remember when I told ya I was nominated for Three European GayFilm Awards, anyway reminder.....I was nominated for Best Top, Best DVD cover(Cop Shack 2)Best Bisexual DVD,..... Well they narrowed down the nominations.....I didn't make Best Top cut... I didn't make Best DVD cover cut..So there is only the Best Bisexual now!!!...Figured!!!
And then theres the Grabbys again if u need another reminder.... I was nominated for Hottest Cock!!! and Performer of the Year.....UUUUMMMMMMM I'm not dumb!! There is no chance in Hell that I will win any of these!! Face it Im looking at the big 1/8!!!!!!1/8............... Was nominated Best Newcomers at Gayvn and Grabbys 0/2......European Awards 0/3 Was shut out Gayvn's 2008... but there was Rentboy Awards I was 1/2 for that bringing Home Best Fetish award....that makes the number 1/6 but added these Grabby nominations Hottest Cock and Best Performer that will make it officially 1/8.. Hmmm I have to show some skills. I have another movie coming out Folsom Prison!!! Maybe the tide will change U guys will def have to check that movie out!!!
Speaking of numbers.... In total I have 7 movies out Right now!! And one movie due out FOLSOM PRISON!!! and filming another soon in another week. Progress takes time.... But at this point, time is working against me there is a whole another breed of stars coming and Somebody will come for my spot!!!
I have so much more to show!!! I'm hungry for projects!!!! I WILL NOT BE LEFT, EATING OTHER PEOPLES DUST!!! Be safe Bitches


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine met you at your gym and said you were a very classy guy. You have a polite manner, a soft voice, and you were very friendly to him, freely discussing your vids (which he really likes and collects)and being a real person all the time. No act,no front. I know you tell us that you are really a cool guy in private. Now I have the testimony of my friend.(Wish I could meet you, but that's another matter.)

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the one of you on top of the counter.