Tuesday, April 01, 2008


So it was Black Party Weekend and I had a Blast, there were some minor mishaps at Black Party but those issues will be resolved shortly. Now to Black Party.......

I was there to do two shows for the crowd and the Fans. In one show, I would be doing a sexy stripper Act with Mister Sagat(which was Due very Due). And in the Second show I would be shoving a Baseball Bat into some guys ass during the show. Things got alittle crazy, and I was running behind on schedule, I got to Black Party around 130 I was due to be on stage by 220 with Mister Sagat. Literally it was about 5Min's before the show, when I had a chance to talk to Sagat about what we would be doing on Stage. At this point, I have been loading up on water 2hours before(I knew I would have to take charge and run the show)so I was ready for the classic Watersports show. 5Min's before the show, Mister Sagat and I was able to run ideas off each other about the show. Then it hit me I had received my Best Fetish Escort Award which was a large diamond. The idea hit me like a pile of bricks, Mister Sagat would go out first, strip and show off the diamond and rub it all over his body and seduce the crowd with the diamond. I would be waiting off the wings of the stage dressed in Camo, I would jump on stage beat, rob, and abuse Sagat and then Run off with the Diamond.

Show time...... Sagat jumped on stage and immediately had the crowd in his hands. He moved his body so seducing like, showing off the Diamond perfectly. Rubbing the Diamond between his legs and ass and licking the stone like it was his treasure. Mister Sagat was on stage for about 7Min's just seducing the crowd. I jump on stage in Camo, masked with back pack. I sneak up behind Sagat grab him by throat and grab the diamond out of his hand. I slam Sagat to Stage floor and begin choking him and beating on his chest. The Scarf I used to cover my face I used to choke him and drag him around stage. I pick up Sagat again slamming him to floor, where he passes out(fake) and then stand over him in piss in his face and body. I then Piss into my own mouth and then into the crowd. I put my knee on Sagats throat once more. Bag the diamond and place into Book bag and jump off stage running into the Back Area(VIP)section and that was the end of first Act.

Second Act once again Sagat is on stage showing off the Diamond and then I come walk on stage and then there is a passionate play between Sagat and I, Lots of rimming and anal play and I even try to shove the Diamond into Sagats Ass while the crowd watched like their eyes were glued onto Us. I had the best time of my Life, finally a chance to work with Sagat one on one. We both decided that we would do a performance that would be like remaking FEAR but for the fans and In Live Action!!! And it worked perfectly!!!!! Read a Viewers Account of the Action:


We head upstairs, where things are supposed to be even more interesting. There is another sex show starting up here on a large, elevated, square stage. I recognize the first performer as famous French narcissist François Sagat (NSFW). He is shirtless and looking ripped, although much shorter than I'd imagined. He is joined by a very large, muscular black man. They wrestle around for a few minutes before the black guy opens his pants, removes his penis and starts pissing on François. First on his chest, then in his mouth, and then he turns the water gun upwards and pisses in his own mouth. This honestly doesn't do it for me, and yet I can't stop watching. They both stand up and the crowd applauds. François jumps off the stage to exit, and I quickly duck out of his way for fear of getting bumped into by this urine-soaked frenchman

As usual, its The Huge Black Guy with Muscles or Large Muscle bound African American or Huge Black Stud bah bah bah. One of these days Diesel Washington will be who they are referring to rather than the "Huge Black Man" Oh well at Least I stood out as for something Hot.(I still thinks its Funny LOL)

In attendance were the Cute as Hell Damien Crosse, his Bf the Amazing Angelo, Slaveboi Yan, Mister Sagat of course. Colton Ford the daddy himself, my Little brother(no relation pictured above). More Slaves and boys for Use than I can handle.

And if anybody is reading this that went to Black Party, Yes that was Diesel on Dance Floor choking that Twink boy in the middle of Dance Floor.

The Slave boi is an Actor that is into Breath Control, while choking the boy(which he wanted)he faked passing out and many people were scared at First. Seeing the reaction of the people around I had to let them know that He was acting, and it was a Breath Control scene he wanted to Act out on the Dance Floor. Long story short, he had to jump up and explain to people that it was his choice and He wanted to do the Breathe Control Scene but He nor I would have thought so many People would be convinced. Recieved an Email today from someone that saw me at party Here it goes:

Hey Man I saw you a couple times at Black Party. I didn't wantto bother you, but thought I'd drop you some mail. I've always likedchecking out yourblog, but seeing you in person was even better. Youwere so sexy in person. Just so you don't feel weirdgetting mail likethis from someoneyou don't know, I've attached a few pics just so youcan know what I look like. I saw your a couple times. Once near thedoorsurrounded by a bunch of guys. Then near the edge ofthe dance floor where you had this little white dudein full nelson. When I saw that, Iimmediately popped a boner! Was really hot!A third time you were on the floor near where I wasdancing withsome friends. I tried not to stare, but I did watchyou with that littledude. You had him overpowered again but were kindamoving to the music. Really hot how you always seemedto keep himunder your control. Anyway, just saying thanks for some hot mental imagesthat I'll keep with me for a long time! All the best Big Guy!Bryan

Well there u have it, the Black Party I left out some details but its the Black Party u don't have to know every dirty secret out there!!!

Dirty Time Yes!!! Any Sleep none!! Got Laided over and over yes!!!!


Dre said...

I think that Francois is one of the most sensuous and erotic performer I have ever seen. He is so erotic that he looks good with his clothes on. I first saw him in Fear and seeing you manhandle him turned me on Dawg. You two have to do something again on film one on one though.

takethe$&run said...

totally 2nd Dre's comment. Sagat gave the best show of the last 5 years of Black Parties I thought, tho some veterans might be inclined to disagree. Those pics are sick, man, for a minute I thought I had dreamed that whole sequence. nice insight...pretty quick of you to come up with that diamond bit on the spot.

my only minor mishap was a hangover...but I'll say this, the bulldog gin is a lot smoother the next morning that whatever firewater I had last year. Which of course I can't remember. See y'all next year.

Anonymous said...


Glad I went down to South Beach for the Winter Music Conference instead of staying in New York for that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Big D,

Congrats on your win babe...you two really rocked at black party xx

Anonymous said...

love your armpits