Wednesday, August 29, 2012



Models Robert Axel, Diesel Washington, Sarge.. Still working on "Hard Wire" just wanted to show the fans that WE MEAN BUSINESS!!!! Here is Behind the Scene footage of Scene two of "Hard Wire" I get alot of question regarding "Hard Wire" and the BIGGEST QUESTION?? WHEN IS IT COMING OUT??

I will be honest with the fans, when I first started working on the series I had an idea about creating a Project with some of Hottest Men of Color performers in the business. "Hard Wire" was created, and in that time it grew Larger and Larger!! We had to regroup and really push the limits on this project. Which leads to some delays in the product:

We are working on a Website that will house the series, so the web design has to be perfect.

Creating a new system for Billing(VOD,Pay per Min etc)and that process takes time.

Employing the right models(Looks/Personality/Body) can also take time.

Editing, Photoshoots, Etc Etc..

I don't want to make excuses but I want things to look SUPER HOT!! I rather take longer in production time, then put out something that is Half assed and Lame. In the meantime.... I have been uploading Soft scenes for the fans(Youtube) that gives the viewers alittle TEASER until We are ready to put out the WHOLE project "Hard Wire".

 We have so many surprises instore. And the work keeps getting better and better and I'm excited about the direction We are heading.. Be Patient I know it seems like it's taking forever.. But I promise you, when everything is Said and Done. MEN OF COLOR WILL BE REPRESENTED WELL....


Random pics of Robert Axel, Sarge


Anonymous said...

This must be the looooongest production ever? seems to be taking forever "yawn" But then again if it's like Dawgpounds site you never see any new updates for weeks at a time and yet they want you to have a monthly membership to see NO updates...WTF is with that?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind being in the middle of that chocolate sandwheeech! Your looking great as always. I miss yah face.