Thursday, September 06, 2012



It's been a long time, and it seems I never have enough time to sit down and write something to stay in touch with the fans, Here is what I have been up to:

Still filming scenes, and the latest was with Sarge and Robert Axel.  It was kind of nice to be able to sit back and have a photoshoot that I directed.  I was using the models as an extension of my ideas, COME TO LIFE!! I have been on alot of photoshots..directing models is not easy. Porn modeling is way different than rather modeling.  Porn modeling the focus is on ur entire body, cock, ass, and its all about the eyes.. Clothed modeling is a challenge for the seasoned porn model, with clothes the focus falls more directly on the face and body position(In my opinion)when you don't have your dick out its like Captain America without his shield.. A porn model can hide behind the back(gays seem to focus more on the package)he can have a cute face, decent body, but what makes him stand out more is his HUGE cock.  Anyway I'm rambling.. It was a great shoot and both Robert Axel and Sarge did a great job.

Editing, OMG!! Majority of my day is spent editing Vids(yeah dick in ass all day)and I have to say I learned editing the hard way.  Since I had a chance to go to school(Film School)I was able to understand more clean transitions and making sure the footage has a natural flow to it(Maybe not still learning)so when I sit at the Editing chair I go over footage I shot and make sure that its the best it can be it takes time. To answer some quick questions:
No I don't sit there naked editing and jerking my dick
No I'm not horny watching the footage(not all the time LOL)
And this shit is hard work on "Hard Wire"..get it I made a joke (Sucked)

My personal life, pretty much in the Toilet right now..Moving on

Getting alot of opportunities out of porn that are great, but PORN really is my passion.  At this point I do see the need of Men of Color being represented well, telling a story or just simply a hot scene.  I look around and see that many Men of Color studios have adapted Bareback to their genre of films. Not to stand on a soapbox, but I'm glad that I work with a Company that is Condom only porn, I think its important to show Men of Color in a SEXY and SAFE way.  I really can not work on something knowing that I have an audience (HUGE AUDIENCE)and not displaying the safety of our models and showing OUR COMMUNITY that we need to play SAFE!!

Hot, Freaky, Nasty, Sexy but above all SAFE!!

As far as porn news, I have always read the comment section of every blog/website because THERE you get the HATE.  Fans are very very intense these days, and they read your Facebook,Tumblr, Twitter, listen to gossip and all the hype and come up with their own assumptions(Good or Bad)  There is alot of mudslinging well really SHITSLINGING. Sometimes you want to pull the commenter through the screen and beat their fucking ass!! People are entitled to their opinions. I'm over the whole "Whore" Dirty Hooker" "Hot Mess" statements left time after time..I'm a whore YES, and you watch Me daily and crank out a nut to my image. I will just absorb the hate and turn into fire
as I always do.  Gossip is what makes you famous... If nobody is talking about Me then I tend to get alittle worried..  I have survived all these years by constantly changing and going with flow(Yet I bark on Twitter)but I keep pushing forward and it seems to be snowballing into something HUGE.

My Brain, was on fire a couple of weeks ago, I just broke up with the BF(cue sad music)and right then and there BAM I go into Mania....running around like I drank 10 cups of coffee and did a line of coke(I don't drink coffee or do Coke BTW).  I do forget that I do get new viewers to the blog so they may not know certain things about Me, I'M Bipolar/have the energy level that scares people sometimes.  I tend to be a control freak(when its my projects)and I'm ruled by emotions rather than logic(Good and Bad). I do Porn!!

Time for Random things that piss Me off:

Big Kids in strollers
OMG at this point, this fucking kid needs to walk, Seriously.  Why I get pissed off?? This is the same type of Family that gets on a crowded train around 3pm in NYC rush hour, pushing this monster on a packed train.  I look at random faces on the train looking at the Family like "You need to close that Stroller cause that kid can walk just fine.."

People that invite you over to their house and they NEVER have food or drink... I'm old school so I never go over to a persons house without bringing something(Weed,Booze,Food etc) But why is it when u get over there...THEY want to drink/eat/smoke all the shit you brought?? I mean I can share but damn its like I'm feeding your broke ass.. Shit I could have stayed home and smoked and drank all I want..And YOU would be ass out!! I don't have a problem with the ordering a Pizza or something because you are being a HOST but when the pizza comes you have to share it with your girl friend and HER kids(that is another story)your kids looking at Me like "How come you didn't order extra cheese?" Sometimes I want to say to the kids,,"Your Father(In law) didn't feed you I DID!! Now stop looking at Me..."  LOL

Why do We always have the broke friend THAT IS  the life of the party.  We all have that friend that brings energy and life to any event WHATEVER it is. They are super cool, witty funny and would give you the shirt off his back...yet ALWAYS broke, you have to pay their way for everything yet..They are very supportive, very loving, and just oozes that positive energy that you always want around you. but he a BROKE ASS..

Guys who wear sweat shorts/pants and have NO package. No offense but when you wear light blue or gray sweats it sort of highlights where the goods are. So here you get into your sweats and it looks like you hiding some golf balls in your sweats.  NO shaft outline, not a glimpse of a dick..It was like you were Human airbrushed in real life from having a package..Needless to say it is not a good look.

Boys who wear skinny jeans and have NO ASS its a fucking waste of showing your ass in the first place. Matter of fact what is holding up your Skinny jeans...that is right its called YOUR hip bone. LOL

Gay Wiggas, not sure where this came from must be a Gay4pay thing, on and off screen I see these gay white boys(true Homos)who don a baseball cap and try to talk "Hood".I don't get it your GAY unless you have a love for HipHop(some do)acting "Hood" may impress the Uppity white guys looking for Street trade to bring home..All in all the Wigga gets scared when around REAL NIGGAS who see through his whole act. Picture a nelly queen Wigga trying freestyle."Put it in my ass, I want my homies to put it in my ass, then flip Me over rim my ass...Opps sorry had Taco Bell and had to pass gas".......I just can't....LOL

Gay guys that want a dick their ass, but they DO NOT LIKE giving head...WTF?? You expect Me to just be rock hard and throw it in your ass.  You won't even kiss the head?? FUCK THAT!! well....If it is a serious bubble ass..maybe..but still want you to taste the dick..Sorry

People who talk through their nose...OMG!!Back in the 80's it was that Valley girl tone.."Like Oh My God, gag Me with a spoon" its that high pitched echo in the voice..almost like lazy talking. Here is a better example

And this is NYC and I still hear that Lazy nasal talk.. It's like annoying and I want to like pull out my hair...Really though...

Girls who have on a pretty dress, hair and make up is done to perfection but have the nerve to wear open toe shoes and their feet are NOT done. It's like what is the point of getting dressed up and wearing open toe shoes?? To show off the feet that every night you rip the toe nails off with your teeth.  Broke bitch!!

Anyway quick Shout out to the people out there...

Just wanted to tell the people I'm still here to entertain you.


zbad said...

Lol.. I completely agree with the feet, childeren in strollers, skinny jeans gay bitches with no bums.. its rediculous. Editing all day can be very tedious but as long as you have love and passion for it.. you'll go far. The wiggah rap was the funniest shit evah haha. Stay blessed boogah! <3

Anonymous said...

You really know how to write an entertaining blog!! you're just an all around talent !!!

desdjd said...

Why is it taking so long to complete Hardwire? It seems to be taking forever.

jonny-uk said...

Welcome back big guy, I have missed you.