Thursday, December 15, 2005

Kinda of Shitty tonight

Not much to say just in preparing for show on sunday which should be good. I dont know if im getting on the stage or just walking around. Im a very quiet guy in public and only tend to show interest in what i have to do for the day so i dont have much small talk. I dont have much style im a camo sweats jeans kind of person. I love Hip Hop, but i would say not im not a thug, I just have thug ways is all.
To anybody that sees me around and i have a mean look on my face is probably cause im all about business at that point im heavy thinking about something. So i dont have time for the small talk in the gym.. Yeah there are a few guys who know where i work out at. And try to make small talk, but sorry fellas i dont talk business in the gym and i dont fool around in the showers, shit i dont even take a shower there.
I dont have an attitude or think im all that but if im in the middle of a heavy set with 500+pounds across my back for squats and ur licking ur lips staring its alittle distracting. Not making it up i go to a small gym its not the hangout for the steriod heads its a decent guy where i can get a good workout. I dont believe in spending crazy cash for some gym memebership when basically all i need is some decent wieght dumbells, barbells and im good.
Hmm, u can tell im bored right now i just finished at the gym and home writing this cause i figured somebody is waiting for me to write more, I guess
Well next blog will probably be after the show and i will make sure i can post some pics from the event Peace

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dcsugarpa said...

sir, you're so damn sexy and blessed in many ways!! here's hoping you shine ever brighter in 2006 as move you move towards your goals and dreams.