Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Now alot of u guys are bugging and bugging about more info about the parties, clubs, guys the business the whole stardom thing. Well my children, I will talk about every dirty little thing in this blog(U guys owe me big time). It took me a while to gather all my thoughts cause there was so much going on and it took me days to get every thought and situation to write a really interesting blog. Well lets start from jump street:
I touched down in san fran checked into hotel and got some food and relaxed a bit before going out. This night was so tame, that I all most fell asleep, I jumped from bar to bar just grabbing drinks and pushing them down. Not much to talk about that friday night. I got a chance to hangout with some cast members and really make friends. I found myself hanging out with cast members Damien Cross, Darius Falke and believe it or not, we got along very well. Oh I forgot Ed Vincent and Howard(Fabscout) was with us as well. Just out for some drinks and that was a pretty simple night.
Saturday Afternoon , time to get ready for our release party. I walk into the venue and there are all these pics up of Folsom Filth and the characters. It was so surreal, mind ya this is the very first time I have been at a event that was for a porn movie that has me as a main character of a movie(I know that sounds cocky)the movie starred all the exclusives from my company as well. But fuck it this is my blog so back to me(LOL)Check out the pics from the Release Party its was nuts. and this one This is a great shot of the entire cast of Folsom Filth
Ed Vincent and myself flipping off camera Keith Webb and Tober Brandt and yes that bar goes all the way through his cheeks to the other side These are just a few of pics from the event which went off with a bang. To be honest for most of the event I stayed in VIP to be away from the crowd . Now back to the mind fuck..... I walked into the venue and saw all these pics of myself and cast and then reality smacked me in the face. Ur a porn star now!!!! Okay maybe u people dont understand. U worked on a project a few months ago and u really worked off ur ass, and it finally comes, The Release!!. I was curious about the buzz circling the movie. I havent seen the movie, I havent even seen my scene, I havent seen anybodys scene of the movie I was walking blindly into a event about a movie I havent seen starring me!!! So I was basically just playing it by ear. U probably dont see it from my point of view so maybe this will help ya these were some of the banners at the event. U couldnt see the banners on the wall so I will show ya why I was in such a state of mind fuck And to better understand how about walking into a huge club and everybody knows ur name(or at least ur stage name)shock. Mind ya there is a method to this madness???? There really is a lesson to be learned in all of this. I had a chance to see a Preview of the movie on the Giant screen I showed ya a pic of at the club. Now Im on stage watching a preview of the movie with a packed crowd and everybody will see me naked and fucking. Now I have watched myself fuck on camera before with a partner or even with some friends, but never a club packed ear to ear with people watching me having sex. I just thought I would share that with ya people. What a ride that was. We wrapped up things there and then it was time for dinner and dancing out at the preparty of the Folsom Fair. Magnitude
Magnitude geez insane geez. Just for the record that party was nothing but sex, dancing, more sex, meeting new people, sex and having fun, and more sex. I stood there just amazed at the crazy shit that was going down. Do I need to go into detail??? Put it like this there were eight slings, tons of condoms, bags and bags of lube, and every sexed out pig there from older guys to young twinks. People are having sex on the dance floor, sex in bathrooms, out in public I havent seen this much debauchery in a long time(ever since the Black Party). Typical things u expect from a leather fetish weekend(yeah right). U knew this party was going to be nuts, at the door u wasnt allowed phones, cameras inside of the place. Good God the place was huge and had four levels to it and each level was packed with people. On each level, at the end of that floor there was a crowd of people just having sex. I do porn so THAT is when I get to show off and flex my skills. This party was cool I had a great time just meeting other models in the business and just relaxing. Every company was there and represented. So many details to remember but its a no brainer it was nuts. Exit to Folsom Fair
Folsom Fair I didnt get to see much of the Fair I was working the booth and signed autograph after autograph. Now remember from above: I have never seen the movie or my scene or anybodies scene so people are coming up and purchasing the dvd right on the spot. To be honest, in my thinking I was annoyed that I never got a chance to see the movie. People would ask me about the movie, what was the hottest scene etc etc. Some times I was at a lost for words, How do ya explain a movie that u have never seen???. Now at the same time the banners that u see above is pasted all around town. Sometimes u Forget the movie that u starred in IS THE OFFICIAL MOVIE OF THE FOLSOM FAIR. I was stupid, there i said it, stupid stupid stupid. Here ur working for a large company, that u dreamed about working for. And complaining cause u didnt get to see ur part in the movie. Ahhhh but listen up my children, here comes the wildest part of it. Now just imagine people coming to get autographs and saying"Oh My god, U was so hot in the movie can u sign this for me". And then u sign the autograph for the woman!!. And think about that deeply, Women!!!!(pretty women) coming asking for autograph after seeing ur movie. Dont believe me take a look at the pic above. Also met a cute girl named Jessica(hello cute girl). The experience was totally eye opening, Men and Women together loving ur work. These are the pics from the Fair showing our booth and the fans around
Now throughout this blog U hear me complaining that I didnt get to see my scene, or the movie or any of that and I came up with the reason why: Instead of focusing on the Movie I was in the middle of the action. I was in the movie and I know I put everything into my scene. I just met my costars, never got to see their scenes, from talking to them, they never saw the movie as well. We was all in the dark about the movie, It wasnt until the next day that i finally got a chance to see the movie and my scene. It was at the Model apartment, I was there with Damien Cross, myself, and two people that were there to interview us for a article for a upcoming issue of a magazine(hey they wanted to do interview why not showcase ur work right!!). Now at this time I was dieing to see the movie. Got the dvd, opened the box and to my surprise I was on the Dvd cover itself(Thanks Titan) I pushed play. And we began to watch the movie, the effects, the camera work, the cameos, I was amazed. It looks like a real movie. The opening scene is scary twisted and intense. Then my scene comes on...........silence Im alittle surprised. Damien is sitting next to me watching at same time. He gives me thumbs up about my movements and expressions. I watch his scene and also gives him the thumbs up sign cause he did great work. The two who came to interview us, Man and Woman they were completely silent, rattled and alittle shocked at the action(always a good sign). So basically to sum it up. I was alittle annoyed that I didnt get to see the movie before other people did but...............THE MOVIE IS GREAT. It was shot well, edited well, the action was hot and shocking, all things a movie should be. So let me leave with this last thought. I went to San Fran for Folsom Fair and debut my movie. There were banners and posters of me all over the place, people coming to ya asking for autograph. Meeting new people and getting ALL that attention for a movie that ur in. Ur on the box cover, fucked it UR ON THE DVD ITSELF!!! WHO CARES IF U DIDNT SEE IT BEFORE ANYBODY ELSE. If u work hard on something the rewards will be there. Now that sounds corny as shit but so very true. Now let me get out of here so i can throw up(if u work hard on something the rewards will be there LOL I cant believe I said that corny line!!!) Thanks to Titan its crew and all its members. Im proud to work for Titan and I will keep putting out great material. OH I ALMOST FORGET Folsom Filth can be seen at , Tlaondemand and will be ready for wholesale in Nov(hows that for a plug????) Now what are my favorite words???


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So cool for you man, and so very interesting to read how excited you are about your work. Work it out enjoy your life homeboy. Much success to you.

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I wish I could have made it to Folsom. I am so glad that you are so open on your blog. I hope I can interview you someday at

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You are a great looking guy. You are 6'6" right? I'm a big buff 6'3" disney animator in hollywood. I would love to put some pics of you on my tall hunks website .

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Thanks a lot big guy!