Saturday, October 14, 2006


This is jessica, I have to give her a shout out. She has been very nice and a supporter of my blog. Also she is a photograhper so hit her up. Okay that was my 1 plug of the day. Hmmm what to write about today??? I just have been riding this wave ever since Folsom I have been meeting great friends and contacts in the business. Its just such a strange change over from before. I still havent been noticed on the street yet(Probably have but I have the look of death in my face if u come up and try to talk to me!!!!!) And its been so unreal lately, the emails and fan support has been amazing(thanks) Not too much to write about on the downside, oh yes there is!!! Haters all u haters, U write me these emails stating I could be doing so many other things with my Life. Yet u watch my movies online, read my blog, and go out of ur way to contact me with ur thoughts(HAHAHA). So I must be hitting a nerve somewhere. Speaking of movies Im due to fly out to San Fran again to film another movie called Boiler(Sounds hot!!!) So to the fans that have wrote about wanting to see me in a one on one scene(there u have it). Im so ready for this one on one, as anybody knows so far I have done a threeway,fourway, threeway and finally a one on one. So I really had to get into shape for this one. For this role, I trimmed alittle weight so I could be ultraripped for this role.
I know this is a business, but I have alot of fun on set. And letting the secret out of the bag, I cant work on a set that takes everything so serious!!! I always like to lighten up the mood on the set. I still cant believe im getting paided to bang out people and having so much fun doing it. I get to work with Brian Mills again(The Man seriously knows how to make ya look great) So it should be great on set as usually and Im ready. So lets go back to my movie history, I have been a farmhand, Leather God, and a Cop. What will I bring differently to this role????? I have some thoughts on this but I cant share with anybody until the movie comes out. But u guys will be shocked!!!!
Yeah so this is number 4 pretty much done filming for this year. The only other major event coming up is Las Vegas(I cant wait). I will talk about that more later. Contract time!!!!! As we all know Im a Exclusive for Titan and its contract talking time. Hint Hint I LOVE WORKING FOR TITAN as long they take care of me, I will be loyal to the end(Are ya reading this Big Boss Man???) Enough business talk, back to talking about me. Oh?????I know something I want to talk about. Viewing ur Porn with others:
Now if u ever made a homemade porn and showed friends or watched with a loved one, that in itself can be such a huge turn on. I had the chance to preview my newest porn Folsom Filth with a special handful of people for comments and thier thoughts. A certain number that watched my movie with me was aroused and stimuated(nothing wrong with that!!) The notion, of having someone who ur interested in, watching ur movie and watching u have sex on screen is amazing to say at the least. They watch the screen so intense, and then turn their attention to ya and go back and forth(its so funny). And a certain number actually gave me their honest opinion of my movie, from scene to scene, body language, facial expressions etc etc etc. I had a little Folsom Filth release party of my own back in Nyc I invited some close personal friends over and watched the film(well we really just watched my scenes)and we had a great time(no sex u perverts) this is my Art(HAHAH). Im just havign a blast so far and I dont want this ride to end anytime soon. And its just started, nothing has been released yet and yet the buzz is incredible. I guess I should start watching my back now!!! There is always someone up and coming looking to take ur spot so I have to change with the game. Bottomline I have to keep u guys guessing on the next move, next movie, and keep bringing new and fresh ideas to the table.
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