Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Okay Okay these are the last of the pics from Folsom. After all that shit at Folsom and hype afterwards, finally I get a chance to chill out for a while. When u last saw me I was about to head to San Fran for more filming on a movie called Boiler. The shot went excellent and my co star was very open to ideas and comfortable with me and how hard I pound. For this movie, I really got a chance to have some fun. And it was my first one on one scene, so I had alot of room to play and I expanded on this character(DieselWashington) that I created. Hes nasty, has a foul mouth, hard fucker, just one of those types of guys that u hate and love. U may not be into my looks(being black) or whatever case, but I will tell ya this when u watch me u cant take ur eyes off of me cause u dont know what I will do, or who will I do it to. So whats new???? I will be traveling to Florida(Fort Laud) for a release party for the Hitch movie(Oct 31)in Florida so that should be fun and I get to make some new friends and just hangout in good warm weather. I will probably
be hanging out with my CoStar Damien Crosse while Im down there. Dont worry for those in Florida I will provide ya with info to get in touch with me when Im in town. I think its time for a vacation. Mentally drained and Im starting to get annoyed real fast with people, so me getting away will be good for me. I have been mean lately(and I MEAN). To the freaks no it doesnt mean that I will take out my stress on ya. At this point I may kill ya instead of turning ya on!!!! OKAY THIS MY BLOG VENTING TIME!!!!!!!:
To those reading this for the first time and dont know shit about me. Name is Diesel Washington. Product of a single household, only child, no brothers no sisters. Typical situtaion, where the father has limited contact with me bah bah bah bah. I dont want to do a sob story here(Im not asking for kindness or sympathy) So Im used to being alone and things my own way!! I had a few relationships(guys and girls)along the way and most I stay in contact with(and some I wish they rot in hell)some not.
So bottomline, Im used to having things my way cause I never had the need to share. At 13, I was sent to live with my father and grandmother. Times were hard we didnt have alot of money, some nights the house was ice cold and no food in the house. I was working at 13 in fast food places to make my own money. I wore my fathers clothes cause I was growing taller and taller. So I was very awkward in highschool and still growing into my body, and then wearing hand-me-downs so highschool was not easy until my junior year. I was 6'4 tried out for basketball team(made it)and then new doors were opened to me. I wasnt hot, or cute back then cause I lacked the confidence and had my own issues(skinny body, acne, and very shy). This is getting long now, so I will fast forward to now. I have been doing porn for 6months now, 4 movies under my belt and my confidence is threw the roof. Im cocky, aggressive, and just comfortable with myself(and what I like and dont like is set in stone)I dont have to explore anymore, and I know what Im good at and what Im not good at. Bah Bah Bah. Lets get to the problems now!!! Vacation is needed because Im getting jaded by the people and how they approach me and act towards me. I said I wasnt going to vent anymore but alas I lied. To those who write in and say "We know the Story, Even hot people have problems too" FUCK OFF!!!! I didnt make myself jaded(like I can do that myself)U HATERS AND LIARS MADE ME THIS WAY!!!!! Daily I get emails from people who see me out on the street, and u guys always have something to say. If
I just came from the gym and I wear sweats and sneakers that are old cause I sweat alot. U come up with ideas that Im doing bad cause Im not dressed in expensive clothes and doing the movie star thing.

It doesnt stop there, this is a daily thing. If im working harder in the gym and putting on size. Now....... I have to be doing steriods cause im getting bigger from working harder!!! To people who Im interested in ,the first thing they say is "I know all about ya and I dont hangout with porn stars" Fine I can deal with that its ur choice and that is ur decision. But why u must tell ur friends that Im dirty, and a slut and that they shouldnt talk to me. Hate is so rampant nowadays but im prepared for it so I stay one step ahead. What Im not prepared for is the numerous people that want to be my friends, but really just want to meet me and have sex with me. Im very guarded, and after having some bad experiences the wall is even higher now. I made it my point, to tell people that are interested in me I like to make friends, Im not looking for sex. But in times of them being drunk or dazed and confused they make it perfectly clear what their intentions were all this time(to bed me and get fucked)so they came into the friendship knowing they was only interested in sex. Now Im not mad, more disappointed than anything, that real friendship is so hard to find. Shit that sounds like a SOB story. Lets lighten the mood, doors have opened up but in so many strange ways. People who wouldnt give me the time of day before, are now opening their legs begging for it. I also noticed the number of one time hookups is becoming larger. Im not stupid, but I see that people are using the fact that I want to make friends as a opportunity to get inside of my head. I guess they make themselves feel better that they got to sleep with a porn star by posing as a friend. That is my problem!!! Its cool though(thank god I have good taste in the people I fuck) Then why be mad u ask???I hate liars thats why!!! Sex is easy to me, there is always someone lookng to get fucked. But why would a hot guy(its been mostly guys)have to pose as a friend, saying we can hangout, not looking for sex, even some say they arent attracted to me but we can be friends. It starts off cool, going out to eat, great convo, and just having fun without the pressure of me banging them out. Things happen and chemistry comes through and the deed is done, it almost seems like out of movie. Instantly things change, and now we are no longer friends. I say and do nothing, its my impression they got what they wanted so why stick around????Now I didnt create that image, but from my line of work thats what they expect from me, but that is not the case. I made and lost some good people(or maybe they were bad from the start)doing this porn thing. Its a curse and blessing at same time, so what do ya do when a hot guy(that is totally ur type)is interested in being ur friend????? Accept and bulid a friendship???Or state rules like"hey man if ur only interested in sex with me, let me know, rather than pose as a friend to try to get laided" I find myself saying sometimes"Hey man dont let me fuck ya cause it would ruin the friendship"and it always does!!! So what do ya do??? Pick and only hangout with people ur not attracted to cause its easier to get rid of them????Not have sex with hot guys(ur type)cause they only want ya as a sexual object(easy to say but not to do). Self restraint has been a problem when it comes to hot guys(girls)and its hard to say no. Some porn stars have problems with drugs, booze, and unsafe practices. The thorn in my heel, has been not turning down hot guys(girls) when they want to have sex, I just cant do it. So I guess the real complaint is that I meet hot guys all the time but dont bulid lasting friendships after I finish fucking them. Yeah I know, some people dont get any tail at all and Im complaining that I get too much and they dont want to be my friend afterwards(Im wiping the tears off the keyboard now LOL)so what!!!!! Lets see u live life as a sex toy and not get JADED its fun for a while, but u start not to trust people when they really want to get to know YA!!!!People my real name is not DieselWashington and the only person that knows the REAL ME is my mother. Funny though she knows me but she doesnt know who DieselWashington is!!!LOL


Anonymous said...

Hey D....Titan's got the previews for CopShack online and you ain't nowhere to be seen?....what up with that???? u get your shit cut?

Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Washington,

I can see that you are one opiniated fellow... just live and enjoy today, cause baby, youth and sexiness is one transitory thing! and something else that might help: try a little tenderness and modesty... it may make you feel better with yourself!