Monday, February 06, 2012


Okay people...

This is the first Vid I uploaded to Youtube in a long long time. I'm using my new camera(HD)and testing out the editing software. Now this is my first time working with the new camera and the software, so if it's a little basic...

Give Me time cause I will knock off your socks with the creative side of Diesel, so plan on seeing more Vids and they will look and sound High quality.

Stay tuned people..

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Anonymous said...

Hi Diesel. Long ago I did not come to see your blog, because I was with some bumps in my health.
Very good video quality, which I suggest is to put a little more illumination or at least you approach a little closer to the camera, because you're a handsome man and it is a shame that you do not see you well because the room is dark.
Also see that you're in great shape, you still admirable physique and again I repeat that I love your way of being.
I am sending you a big hug from Buenos Aires.

Adrian. -