Wednesday, March 07, 2012


New scene out

In this scene I pound David Chase like Classic Diesel..

Please check out this scene.....I'm back!!!

Be scared Bitches!!! Really scared!

Click the Link to check out the Preview of the Scene.....LOOKS LIKE A HOT ONE!!

*** I wrote the post so fast, I wanted to touch on some subjects real fast:

I really wanted to do this scene, I had thought long and hard. I get alot of emails from Fans asking if I'm into "Husky Men", Bear/Cub types.. I have no preference when it comes to working with another model. I rather work with a cute model who wants to work with Me rather than a Hot model who could careless about looks and just wants that check.

After the response with the Jace Jones scene...

A good amount of fans were happy that worked with somebody that had some "Cushion for the Pushing" rather than a thin twink or worked out Jock.

Next on the ToDo list:

Older Daddy type....even though I'm a Daddy myself(I guess)it would be good to work with another worked out Daddy and BRING THAT FIRE!! Anyway....

Just wanted to update the post because I wrote it rather fast and I wanted to reach out and explain..

What goes on inside of my head, when I plan out scenes. Sometimes I have control over my scene partners and sometimes I don't.

What people do not know about porn, is that sometimes your scene partner is changed the Day of the shoot. It's common that a model backs out of shoot and you have to change model at the last minute.

I feel for all the Studios/Sites that this happens to, it's a pain in the ass when you picked out certain models that would look best together and then a model misses his plane or has to cancel at the last minute. It fucks up the whole schedule, and finding partners sometimes can be a real pain.

Anyway another post later...



Anonymous said...

More of you and Jace Jones please...Rgds..Laurie

Anonymous said...

The photo with the arched bodies, your hand on his head...looks like a Greek/Romanesque statue...quite good!!...Laurie

Anonymous said...

Loved the scene with you and Jace. He's thick, he's a brotha, loved it. Please do more of this!