Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I thought it was time to put up Normal pics..

Doing porn is about showing as many levels of yourself as a person as you possibly can. I could get out the glossy pictures and do all the posing and pulling out cock pics but I think that is overdone...

To show personality I think you need those pictures that are just YOU... Not some hyper masculine pose or leather gear shot, just a simple moment caught in time.

So here are a couple of stripped down shots of Diesel Washington just being normal..


Anonymous said...

Dear Diesel, these are some beautiful pictures. You are more sexy in these photos than in those leather dress ... but ... On second thoughts ... anything you want to wear makes you look sexy.

Adrian, from Buenos Aires.

Anonymous said...

nice pictures...you look very peaceful..happy...good for you

Anonymous said...

you are still a sick arrogant and ignorant person