Tuesday, February 25, 2014


MeetingRyanRose from Diesel Washington on Vimeo.

I do these Videos and I love them, its giving a shout out to a good friend of mine Ryan Rose. We turn it out, when We perform together..

Well at least just putting on a good show...

It got stopped before it got too dirty but how dirty is it going to get with a Friend? Not that deep at all, he feels like my little brother or something.


Edward Martinez said...

So HOT to see Rayn Rose with some big dick blk dude, You have to do a vid with him. Would love to watch Diesel rim and fuck RR's HOT white ass. RR is so fuckin HOT. I've never seen him suck some big blk cock yet, Hope that's cumming soon?

Anonymous said...

Too bad you did not rim fuck RR, he's so HOT. Love seening a HOT studly white dude suck some big blk cock. HOT!!