Sunday, February 16, 2014


Painting byChuck Nitzberg

by Chuck Nitzberg
By  Anthony Gonzales.

Its always interesting to see what others see you as... Film/Photo and now Painting..

So I was asked by Chris Harder to do this Erotic Art Class session and I decided to try my hand at doing an Art class nude posing kind of thing.

Let me tell you....

This is how the session was explained to Me:
We do some Erotic poses
Maybe a B.J.
It's for a art class

That is about it....

The only real reason why I did the Art class posing was for alittle more experience getting out of my comfort zone.  Yes I know what you all are say..."Diesel you have been doing porn for almost 10years..."

Let me explain, I have been doing porn/escorting for so many years so I have no problem with nude and standing there with a hard dick.  This was alittle different it was a Art kind of thing, I was always told there was a fine line between what is Art and what is Porn

Hard dick equals porn. Soft dick and then its Artistic...

Anyway imagine standing there on a small stage for 10min intervals 3 times and then two 20min intervals. For the ending it was a long 30min blowjob pose and yes I was Semi then Hard then Semi then Hard..

A true test for a porn star, and I was able to do it without having problem and I was glad that I tried out the experience..

Check out Chris Harder's blog and get his take on the experience. Again Thanks to Chris Harder for the experience.  I highly respect Chris as a model and I'm so he will do big things in his future.

Big Shout Out to Chris..

Okay it was about that time yet again another show from Diesel Washington and Here you go:

Getting Real With Diesel The Show Spotlights Str8upgayporn from Diesel Washington on Vimeo.

With all the stuff that is going on in the Industry, I have to take measure...

I have been reading this new blog called  written by Zach(former Editor of the Thesword)  The insanity he uncovers in this porn Biz is mind blowing...

I thought I would dedicate one of my shows to his blog ENJOY!!


Anonymous said...

Love the paintings...i want one!!

Anonymous said...

Hi T...

"Hard dick equals porn. Soft dick and then its Artistic..." it depends on the culture.... hard dick can mean strength power etc....Rgds...L

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm it brings back some memories...I did that!!....really a power game deal...interesting and Thanks....L